Microsoft planning Office announcement next Tuesday

Microsoft said on Friday that it is planning to announce some news from its Office Division next Tuesday.

The announcement will be made at 8am PDT on Tuesday October 19. Kurt DelBene, president, Microsoft Office Division, and Chris Capossela, senior vice president, Information Worker Product Management Group, will present the news, along with Microsoft customers and partners. Microsoft sent out a media alert to members of the press on Friday to reveal the announcement.

It's unclear what Microsoft is planning to announce or unveil next week. Microsoft is planning to release Office for Mac 2011 on October 26 so it's unlikely to be related to this product. The software giant may be planning to introduce an office suite for iPhone and iPad users. Neowin has heard rumours of such a product previously and with Apple loosening its App Store rules recently, this could pave the path for such an app. We would also expect the app would support document synchronization to Windows Live SkyDrive. Stay tuned for coverage of the announcement next Tuesday.

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They are going to announce attractive upgrade paths for Office 2007 users, as Office 2010 sales have not been nearly as successful as 2007 when it was announced. [Vain hope? I hope not.]

i would love office for iphone. I use sky drive so mobile synching to that would be awesome, though i have been using google docs just fine.

They don't have any WP7 tablet in the pipeline, so no real iPad competitor (don't talk to me about the Windows 7 tablets) so Office for iPad could be real.

If it was, I'd love this, especially if it has SkyDrive synchronization. The ipad could become a real productivity tool.

I'm going to guess it'll revolve around WM7 somehow. We've seen office for the phone but perhaps its some online services etc that will tie everything together more seamlessly beyond what has already been shown, possibly with other systems like Android and iOS too.

Would be cool if they had something that was a bit more competitive with Google Apps and was free for personal use too.

They already have Skydrive + Office Web Apps, but I agree that it lacks a lot of things compared to Google Docs (and I hate the "web view" of the Word Web App).

Office 2010 is the first version in a long time that actually mattered and was a very noticeable improvement over the previous versions. I hope they have something important to announce.

Smigit said,
I'd say 2007 was a bigger step personally and 2010 just refined things.

Hm. The 2007 system was a big step in terms of user interface, but the 2010 system was a much bigger step in terms of features. If you're not aware of most of the new Office 2010 features, I certainly suggest you read up on some - they're awesome.

What if it is Office for iPhone/iPad.... does the world implode? I bought Pages for iPad and I used it 0 times. I also got Keynote, and I use that often for downloading PowerPoints for lectures...

Maybe it's the release of the .NET Framework for Android and / or iOS? And maybe Microsoft ported a mobile version of Office for those platforms? One can only hope.

dbam987 said,
Maybe it's the release of the .NET Framework for Android and / or iOS? And maybe Microsoft ported a mobile version of Office for those platforms? One can only hope.

for ios ? don't think so ,from past apple attuide

Office on the iphone = 1 less reason to buy a WP7 device. If they do this they are handing their competition ammunition to use against WP7 adoption in the enterprise. Stupid move, but since its Microsoft it wouldnt surprise me.

WelshBluebird said,
Would be quite nice to have Office on the iPhone. Especially as apple seem to be keeping their stuff to the ipad.

There is proof of iWorks coming to the iPhone !

It's curious, Microsoft is more tight lipped about this than Apple for once.

I haven't heard anything about the iPhone app, that is very interesting to see!

Love Office 2010... can't wait to see what this announcement is. Hopefully it's the SkyDrive sync as that's an important feature that is well-needed.