Microsoft prepping Photosynth for Windows Phone 8 launch

Microsoft's Photosynth app creates 3D panoramas by combining 2D pictures.

When Microsoft launched Photosynth earlier this year for Windows Phone 7.5, the unique 3D panorama creation software quickly became one of the more popular apps on Microsoft's smartphone platform. While the app is still available for Windows Phone 7.5 devices, those with Windows Phone 8 smartphones have had to wait.

That wait is almost over, as Microsoft's Photosynth team has announced the release of the app for Windows Phone 8 is just a few weeks away following "problems with drivers on a few important phones." The announcement came via the team's Twitter account through the following statement:

Currently, only Windows Phone 7.5 devices can see the app on the Windows Phone Store as Photosynth is one of the few apps that cannot automatically run on Windows Phone 8, according to a post on the Photosynth website by David Gedye, the Photosynth team's lead program manager.

The Phoyosynth app is also currently available for iOS devices and has been optimized for the iPhone 5. Desktop users can also create Photosynth panoramas with the use of Microsoft Research's Image Composite Editor.

Source: Photosynth Team Twitter via WP7 Connect | Image via Microsoft

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Photosynth is a great concept but is missing some features that I deemed fundamental after seeing the original demos, before the release to the public. At the moment all I can do is pivot around the same axis and move up and down to map an area. I recall seeing in the original demos that one could also move backwards and forwards, and zoom into an area to capture greater detail (the so called Deep Zoom?). So far I couldn't make that with Photoshynth.

About freaking time. I just hope they make it run Best on their own platform with some exclusive features like great Skydrive integration and sharing so you can actually share and view the images properly on the web.