Microsoft readies new platform, code-named "Echoes"

According to Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft is readying a new platform for telco carriers to offer subscribers Windows Live and other forthcoming Microsoft services.

Foley had a chance to take a peek at an internal schedule which sets "Echoes" phase 1 to commence in July 2008. Microsoft has been privately testing with various carriers.

Phase 1 of Echoes will provide carriers with a variety of services, ranging from a common network address book, to SMS in/out messaging, simultaneous ringing, click-to-call, single-sign on and more. The word is Echoes Phase 1 will be shipped with Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger 9.0 beta clients until Microsoft releases the final Windows Live Messenger Wave 3 release in the fourth quarter of 2008.

The revelation of Echoes comes as Microsoft expands its Nokia Windows Live service to 33 countries today. Microsoft's Phil Holden announced the rollout today in a blog entry.

Clearly Microsoft wants to ensure Windows Live is available on a variety of devices, could the iPhone be next up when Apple fully open the device to 3rd party applications in June?

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I can see this violating the anti-trust agreement. Of course, I couldn't see the US Government caring much. Especially since corporations already own most of the Government.

How does this have anything to do with Windows or the desktop? It's a platform for mobile devices/phones, and it's up to the carriers to use if they want to offer those services to their uses. It's like businesses deciding to use Exchange for their email or something else.