Microsoft Releases Energy Bliss (Royale) Theme

Thanks everyone who reported about this in the Back Page News forum. Preparing for the release of Windows Media Center 2005 tomorrow, Microsoft has released the official Media Center 2005 theme (Royale) today for Tablet PC Edition 2005. To install the theme on any other XP just extract the theme in WinRAR.

Enjoy :)

Download: Download Energy Bliss

News source: Microsoft Download Center

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Here's a download for XP users a some intructions.

1. Switch to Windows Classic first (very important)

2. Run "Royale.exe", click Install

That's it, this will overwrite Luna.msstyles, the advantage of this being you only have 1 "Windows XP Style" in your themes drop down and the fact that's it's called "Luna.msstyles" means Office 2003 uses the special colour schemes for Blue, Silver and Olive. This includes the wallpaper which gets put in LunaWallpaperenergybliss.jpg, the .theme file is also included which is available in the themes tab.

Download Royale for Windows XP Installer