Microsoft releases new data on Windows 8 and Windows Phone app downloads

Microsoft has been trying to get more developers to create apps for the Windows 8 and Windows Phone platforms, including new support for universal apps that are released for both operating systems. This week, Microsoft offered up some information on the current download trends for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps for the month of April.

In a new blog post, Microsoft said that, not surprisingly, the U.S. is still the biggest market for apps for both platforms. However, the market for Windows 8 apps in the U.S. is much bigger than Windows Phone. For the month of April, 31 percent of all downloads from the Windows Store come from the U.S. However, that market share shrinks to just 12 percent in the Windows Phone Store, followed by China at 10 percent, India at 9 percent and Vietnam at 8 percent.

It's also not surprising to learn that the Games category get the most app downloads for both Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. However, in terms of the number of downloads per app, the Social category is number one in the Windows Store, with twice as many downloads compared to the second place category, Photos. Games gets the largest number of downloads per app in the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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I have never seen such a misrepresentation of data in my life. As a researcher you are comparing apple and oranges. Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store are 2 different categories. To say one has shrank compared to the others is to say the size was the same at one time and with the same population derivation. Are you and intern?

The US hates WP for some reason. Over in europe its doing fine. I'm in the UK and even though the figures are good we still see apps for only ios or android (as in advertised on tv apps, mostly crap but from large companies still).

It's not hit popular focus yet, its gaining but until you see WP mentioned in those mainly crap shows when they talk apps it's still forgotten about.

Ms need to push/help/fund apps for things like xfactor and bgt (I hate saying this btw) as the kids and teeniboppers love all this crap.

Well the whole windows 8 sucks, windows 7 is so much better mentality doesn't help the phone much.

Microsoft does a lot of cool things that they just don't advertise well. It's like the ads just tell people to use it without showing anything different. I know hundreds of thousands of people would do bing rewards if they just advertised it on television here in the US

Windows 8 doesn't suck, it is peoples mentality about it that suck. They don't give it a fair shake. It is much better than it was at first launch.
I think the problem with WP is not only lack of apps but people generally have an unwillingness to change. They are already in the Android or iOS ecosystem so don't wish to leave it. I found it quite painless to leave, but that won't be the case for everyone.
Agree that better advertising would help.

duddit2 said,
The US hates WP for some reason.

The US market is skewed by carriers and there is an unusually high proportion of iPhone users there, it's not that they hate WP.

Agreed. This is the most vague and uninformative report, short of literally saying "We sold a bunch of apps".

Obviously, though, if they don't release hard numbers, then you know it's not that good. I don't see modern apps taking off until Update 2 (Windows 8.2 or whatever they call it) which will allow apps to be run in window-ed mode.

To be fair this report is for app developers to help them understand their demographics. This is not the PR report that Microsoft touts their market success.