Microsoft releases new emulators for Windows Phone 8, including 1080p support

App developers who want to make programs for Windows Phone 8 now have some new emulators to check out this week. Microsoft announced that the new "Update 2" and "Update 3" emulators are now available for download.

The Windows Phone Developer blog page says that the new "Update 2" emulator now supports using the recently launched Visual Studio 2013 RTM. The revised "Update 3" emulator now allows developers to test their Windows Phone 8 apps in a 1080p (1080x1920) resolution. Microsoft's Update 3 build of the mobile OS in 2013 allows apps to run at that high resolution for the first time, on large displays like the one found on the recently launched 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520.

The blog states:

Installing a Windows Phone 8.0 Update 2 or 3 emulator set does not replace or update earlier instances of Windows Phone 8.0 emulator images that you might already have installed. This way you can keep multiple versions of the Windows Phone 8.0 operating system on your machine (if that’s how you roll).

It adds that as with earlier emulator releases, these new versions require either Visual Studio 2012 Update 3 or Visual Studio 2013 RTM, along with the Windows Phone SDK 8.0.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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It's a bit sad that I don't even have to consider Windows Phone when developing web sites and apps because of the market share. I do, nevertheless, but I loved my Titan so I keep hoping that the platform will take flight.

We need developers like you, the platform is going to take off this year. It is backed by one of the most powerful company in the world which is Microsoft. This is not blackberry, so we need all developers to start developing the platform of the future.

Yup, it's reached double digit market share in a number of countries and is the 2nd place mobile OS behind Android (and ahead of iOS) in a couple.

NoClipMode said,
With over 10% market share in Europe and other places devs really should start considering WP already.

Nice statistic trick (finding a specific filter where some information looks favorable).

That's great, now we need serious developers to take advantage... specially Google who have a hate relationship with Microsoft.

Platform lock in man.

Microsoft needs to produce a general IM client that works with Hangouts, then we should be mostly happy. I want to switch to Windows Phone, but I want hangouts and Voice. Looks impossible. I am locked in, pretty sad. My fault, my choice. I have to use Android of iOS if I want either of these.

Google knows this. Hold off producing anything for Windows Phone to discourage adoption. Easier to deal with one competitor than two. It has worked on me.