Microsoft releases new NXE Avatar clothing

Flying in the face of those that thought Microsoft would be charging for any and all upgrades to the NXE clothing range comes the news that the range has just been updated. For the low price of "absolutely nothing", you can now kit out your Avatar in stylish new winter gear, including a snowboarding jacket.

Admittedly, the update is a very small one, but the fact that Microsoft haven't dragged their heels over updating the virtual wardrobe so close to the initial release of the NXE can only be seen as a good sign. What new clothing would Neowinians like to see? Would you be willing to pay for clothing in the future, perhaps if it were designer goods from well-known brands?

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In my honest opinion these whole avatar updates are so stupid i mean they are tryin to make it like the wii and its all bs because i understand they want poeple to know its kid friendly but really there are limits plus most of the games for 360 are more age orientd to the older teen and adults i mean really a good eample of his is cod4 all the time you got lil peoples on there all the time and ll they do is complain bout noob tubes and retarded grenades so i dk but i think they kinda drew the limit with the avatars.

Oh goody winter clothing, I'm just starting summer, why would I want my avatar in winter clothing

Will any games be coming with extra NXE clothing? Like will it be possible for Madden 2010 to come with team jerseys for your avatar?

I thought for a second that MS might have been releasing t-shirts with your avatar printed on them. Them I would buy, these I probably would not.

spacer said,
Wear the hell is my Ryu Hayabusa avatar costume.

I'm fairly certain avatar "Theme's" are just around the corner. Pimp your avatar out in some CoG armor or any other game character outfit. Just imagine the possibilities!

i like the updates for the avatars keep them coming (i want a color editor to further customize clothing)

and no... i will not pay for anything