Microsoft Research shows Kinect can be good with hands; example of Kinect 2.0?

Rumors of Microsoft's plans for the next Xbox console have also included rumors about "Kinect 2.0", the next major revision of the company's motion capture technology. Today, Microsoft Research has posted up a new video that shows an advance version of Kinect that can track hands more accurately than the current hardware.

The video, posted on YouTube, shows researcher Cem Keskin demoing the new technology on one of those massive Perceptive Pixel-made touchscreen PCs running Windows 8. First, he shows the current Kinect hardware and software, which can only read the hand as one point on a skeleton. The new version is shown later, where the Kinect camera can see an open hand in one state and a closed hand in yet another state.

Because the hardware can recognize two different states in a person's hand, the software can be used to simulate touch events. This is used by Keskin in the video to interact with Windows 8 apps such as drawing in Fresh Paint and manipulating the Bing Maps app.

While this demo was used with Windows 8 apps, it's not a stretch to speculate that this kind of method could show up for use in the next version of Microsoft's Xbox console, which could include Kinect out of the box rather than an add-on device.

Source: Microsoft Research on YouTube

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With that map demo in the video, seems like they're getting us one step closer to Minority Report type manipulation. Now we just need the holographic displays.

Nice. One of the really annoying things about Kinect today is the whole "hover to select" thing. It makes it feel clunky and slow. With this you can select by simply closing your hand.

It looks like he's using existing hardware too...maybe they'll add this in a future dashboard update?

Great lets miniaturize this and remove the silly webcams in laptops and put Kinect 2's in them instead. This would be a great way to interact without having to touch the screen and/or having cross platform xbox 360 arcade Kinect games working within windows.

Yea... That's actually the original Kinect. Kinect 2.0 will be capable of many more points of data for the human body.

Stop this silliness, Microsoft we want a mouse!


Actually, looks cool. I see a lot of fields where this would be very beneficial.

Manish said,


While the Kinect may be more impressive at a greater distance, which is ideal for the Xbox, the Leap Motion Controller appears to be far more accurate at the type of range that people do their computing from.