Microsoft Research teams up with Xbox One team to help create Kinect 2.0 camera

There's no doubt that the Kinect 2.0 sensor add-on that will be included with every Xbox One console is a remarkable piece of hardware, even though it likely boosts the overall cost of Microsoft's next-gen machine by $100. Microsoft actually designed the hardware inside Kinect 2.0 from its Silicon Valley-based Architecture and Silicon Management offices.

One of the hardware pieces in Kinect 2.0 is the time-of-flight camera, which sends out light signals and measures how long it takes for the light to return to the camera. It allows the Kinect 2.0 sensor to create an accurate depth map of a room. In a new post on the Microsoft Fire Hose blog, the company talks more about how members of Microsoft Research teamed up with the Xbox team to solve some issues in getting the camera ready for the new Kinect hardware.

The blog talks about the number of challenges the teams had to overcome to get the camera working, such as making sure the camera clearly separated foreground and background objects in a room, along with minimizing motion blur. The two teams managed to overcome those challenges and more in time for the Kinect 2.0 hardware to ship with the Xbox One console on November 22nd.

Microsoft Research has also uploaded two new videos that show off aspects of Kinect 2.0. One shows how the sensor detects a human and how he or she moves in a room, along with monitoring human heartbeats. The other video shows the higher fidelity and larger field of view that the 3D Kinect camera has, along with its 2D color camera and Active IR, which lets Kinect see in the dark and gets rid of any distracting ambient light.

Source: Microsoft

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I'm definitely looking forward to it.
Kinect on XBOX 360 was very impressive. Features and performance were awesome.
Sounds like a lot of work, etc. etc. has been done for Kinect 2, so should be absolutely phenomenal.

If I can sit on the couch with my feet up and use gestures with great accuracy, everything else will be icing. Especially can't wait to not have to wait for stuff anymore.

As long as it can understand where I end and the couch begins. Kinect 1 would lose you in the furniture which made it a complete waste for simple hand navigation activities from a seated (and comfortable) position.

Who would've ever thought that two teams within the same company could cooperate on a single project in order to achieve a common goal that forwards the company as a whole??????

"My God, its full of stars!"

Two teams working together to achieve awesomeness, theres some synergy to smoke with your coffee in the morning middle management!

I do think that this tech is going to take people by surprise to be honest, V1 had many issues and I get the feeling a lot of people are simply not paying attention to the details of V2, but when this is in the living rooms of friends etc. they will be amazed at the accuracy along with some of the imaginative uses developers will come up with for the tech.

This whole negative issue of it being included wont last too long I don't think, apart from the small fraction of people that actually feel its a privacy violation, that's not going to change due to a wow factor or accuracy of it, it may actually reinforce the point for them.

Maybe when it matures. The only reason that I can think of why Microsoft only showing tech demos of Kinect 2.0 is that there's no real apps for it yet. Even if there is its bound to be clunky and unpolished. So don't expect any real surprises at launch date.

Or maybe MS have finally learned to keep some cards close to the chest, and reveal very close to launch. The tech videos certainly show amazing potential, and the limited press event showing Kinect 2 behind closed doors went down a storm from what I know about it.

Either way, time will as they say, tell

Indeed, I'm mostly looking forward to it for the massively increased field of view, as well as the 1080p camera for video calling (not to mention taking snapshots of you while playing silly games like Kinect Sports lol).