Microsoft retracts one September security bulletin before release

Microsoft was supposed to release 14 security bulletins today for various software products. However, the company ended up offering only 13 bulletins for download that fixed a total of 47 issues in Internet Explorer, Office and other applications.

The missing security update was supposed to fix an exploit found in Microsoft's .NET framework and was previously labeled as "Important". ZDNet got a comment from Microsoft on the missing patch, with a spokesperson saying:

During some additional testing after advance notification, we determined one of the updates was not quite ready. We have not detected any attacks against this issue, or any of the others addressed today, and we'll continue to work on the bulletin and release it once it is ready, through our regular bulletin release process.

The other 13 bulletins were released as scheduled, including four that were labeled as "Critical" by Microsoft. One of them, MS13-072, is supposed to close 13 exploits found in different versions of Office that have been privately disclosed. Another bulletin, MS13-069, is supposed to fix 10 privately reported security issues with versions of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft also released a number of non-security patches for various software applications but one of them is causing problems for some Office 2013 users. Microsoft's forums have been the destination for messages from many users who claim that, after downloading new patches, the Folder Pane in Outlook 2013 is now empty. The specific patch numbers are KB2810009 and KB2817630. Users report that the Folder Pane in Outlook reappears after the updates have been uninstalled.

Source: Microsoft

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I believe the KB2810009 issue (where it was not installing correctly and was also continually re-offered)... has been resolved, per a Microsoft moderator post.

Madeni K N replied
Microsoft Forum Moderator

The following blog-post is the latest update on the issue around the update in concern in this thread (and a couple of other Windows Updates as well):

It confirms new Windows Update release that should resolve the issue. If you do a check for update in your computer now, and then install the updates offered now, the installation should go fine. If you have hidden these updates, please unhide those updates, run a check for updates and proceed to install the updates.

Hope this information helps. Thank you and have a good day ahead!

Because some products (including Microsoft ones) will not let you use remote logins unless the PC is fully patched (including the patch that refuses to install correctly). This is affecting businesses, I believe.

I'm monitoring:

One of the comments was:
Same issue here. Really BIG problem for those of us who need to RAS into Microsoft in order to DEV on their servers... NAP won't let us in the network even after hiding the problematic update...

Some input from MS would be nice.

I'd take a guess that Microsoft knows that an estimated 76% of Windows 8 users have downloaded Windows 8.1 RTM Leaked legit version. And will resubmit these at a later date.

Deinstall of KB2817630 didn't solved the "Outlook pane" Problem.
As well I have the Problem (doesn't install) with KB2810009.

My Environment: Windows 8.1 Enterprise Final (x64 - englisch) & Microsoft Office 2013 Plus (x64 - German - without Access).

The quality at Microsoft in the "Updates area" is misserabel for quite some time :-(

Edited by Haecki, Sep 11 2013, 7:29am :

I ran into that folder pane issue. Only KB2817630 is involved. Though the other update, KB2810009, doesn't install properly for a lot of people.