Microsoft reveals even more additions to Office Web Apps

Earlier this morning Microsoft gave us a heads up on some new features it is adding to its free Office Web Apps, including real time co-authoring with all three apps. As it turns out, that's just the tip of the iceberg; Microsoft is adding many more new features to its free web browser versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The Word blog reveals that in addition to the previously announced auto-save feature, the Word Web App can now insert headers, footers and page numbers on all pages of a Word document, with the exception of the first page. It can also put in what the blog calls "awesome-looking tables" on a Word page, with many presets to choose from. The Word Web App can also find and replace a word for the first time and allows the user to insert page breaks as well.

The Excel blog talks about the new additions made for the Excel Word App, which include allowing workbooks to load that have Sheet Protection, showing status bar aggregates in a Excel document, the ability to reorder sheets, being able to drag and drop cells (shown above) and a way to rename a workbook.

Finally, the Office blog also mentions what's new in the PowerPoint Web App, including a way to crop images in a PowerPoint file and renaming a file from within the app. All of these new features should go live in the next few days. The Office blog also says upcoming additions to the web apps, such as being able to edit documents from Android-based tablets, are still in the works.

Source: Microsoft Word, Excel and Office blogs | Images via Microsoft

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Yay. Co-authoring in Excel! Ran into the need for that this past week as we're getting all of the logistical stuff ready a major event our office is planning. Could've totally used it then.

Hope they add conditional formatting next update.

Amazing updates!!! They are getting closer and closer to the desktop apps with each update

And the co-authoring is AMAZING!!!!!

derekaw said,
Every day less people care about office than the day before.

People caring less... that must be why Office 365 subscriptions have gone through the roof in Q1.

He probably doesn't actually do anything real productive as he doesn't get how much more powerful these are compared to the crapetitors.

derekaw said,
Every day less people care about office than the day before.
You realize that Google Docs can't crop images at all? And now you can crop images, even in Powerpoint for Office Web Apps. I think if anything, Office is making strides forward.