Microsoft reveals new Xbox Video features, including cross-device resume

While Microsoft is already letting a few beta testers preview some upcoming Xbox One updates, the company has plans to offer even more changes in the coming weeks and months for Xbox Video, OneGuide and Smart Glass users.

In a new Xbox Wire post, Microsoft announced that starting sometime this week, a Xbox Live user can start playing a video from the service on one device and then stop and resume the same video on another platform. Currently, this feature will be put into Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows 8 version of Xbox Video; it will be added at a later date for the Windows Phone 8 app and the Xbox Video website.

Microsoft also announced it has added new features to its Xbox One SmartGlass app, including a way to snap an app on the console from a mobile device, being able to receive Xbox Live message alerts and more.

Finally, Microsoft is inviting a select few Xbox One owners in the U.S., Canada and Europe to check out some upcoming OneGuide features. Some of those features are already available to U.S. Xbox One customers, such as adding TV listings in OneGuide along with Kinect voice commands to control the cable or satellite set-top box. The preview will also expand SmartGlass to serve as a OneGude and universal remote control for the Xbox One, including a DVR button 

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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I wish it could just play back my normal content, like my MKV files and subtitles in a good simple manner. Combine that with Miracast support then you have a winner. Smartglass is nice but it's far too slow, and relies heavily on an Xbox. I honestly hate the limitations.

Why use MKV? The formats used are usually MPEG4 or H.264, which Xbox Video plays perfectly fine. Its just packaged in a way it can't read it ~.~.

I'd just love it if you could rent on one device and it was viewable on all. I've had a couple of times where that would have been very useful.

The prices on Xbox Video are far too high. A movie isn't worth more than £1-2 pounds to me but they're all about £15.

$25 bucks to buy a movie? Even if it is HD, still high for a digital DL. I can get physical media with Blueray, DVD, and an electronic copy for less than that.

It's similar with on-demand games, the digital vs boxed prices are way too different, I'd rather have boxed copies for when downloads can no longer be done due to 360 being discontinued, when it happens.

Be nice if they'd make an xbox video pass like xbox music, I'd pay for that. Like to stay all in the ecosystem...

Yeah I don't know whatever happened to those plans of an Xbox Live Diamond like service. I remember the diamond card (which I had) but I know a few years back there were strong rumors of them having a higher tier of Xbox Live that would enable you to watch the video content as well.

If they did that, I'd personally probably be willing to pay $100 a month for it.