Microsoft rumored to sell Atlas online ad platform to Facebook

Microsoft and Facebook may be making yet another deal together. A new report citing unnamed sources claims that the two companies are currently in discussions that could result in Facebook buying Microsoft's Atlas Solutions online ad platform. reports that Atlas Solutions has in fact been up for sale by Microsoft for some time, but while a number of companies have been interested, no deals were closed. Facebook is now apparently interested in purchasing Atlas from Microsoft, as part of its plans to launch its own online ad service that could rival the dominate force in the Internet ad business, Google. Neither Microsoft nor Facebook have commented on this report.

Atlas was part of Microsoft's acquisition of aQuantive, which the company bought for a massive $6.3 billion back in 2007. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced it would take an almost equally massive one time charge of $6.2 billion to write down that buyout.  It's likely that if a deal does happen between Microsoft and Facebook, the final price for Atlas Solutions will be much lower than what Microsoft paid for it.

Earlier this year, Microsoft sold 650 software patents to Facebook for $550 million, after Microsoft bought those patents from AOL.

Source: | Image via Microsoft

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jagowar said,
I see this as a good thing if true.... ms really should streamline and not try to do everything.

You could say the same exact thing about Google and maybe Apple in the not too distant future...

If this deal goes through my guess would be an "all share" deal giving Microsoft a greater percentage ownership of Facebook.

FoxieFoxie said,
They should buy Nokia

Facebook are the worst company for adverts. The self promoting 'like' a product page has worked, but now they're giving people the option to force their way into people's update feeds.

The sponsored posts have turned from people replying with anger over them being forced up on them with comments, to people just flat out trolling the pages now.

If facebook were to buy Nokia, I'm sure you'd have to listen to a voice advert every time you made a call, and every time you sent a text message they (facebook) would send you one back with an advert. trying to view your contacts and you'd get an advert. they should have used the domain name
There hasn't been one sponsored advert pushed into my feed that's been remotely close to any of my interests or taken into account my likes. I actually feel sorry for the companies and people facebook con into using that service. It's such a waste of money on 'targeted' adverts that blatantly are not..../rant

I wish my family didn't use facebook, email was always good enough for me.