Microsoft says Halo 4 beta invites are fakes

Microsoft and its internal game development studio 343 Industries are busy creating Halo 4, the next game in the best selling sci-fi first person shooter series for the Xbox 360 console. The game isn't due to be released until sometime in the fall of 2012. However, it appears that some gamers have received some kind of invite to sign up for a beta test of Halo 4.

Microsoft, via the Twitter page of 343 Industries' developer David Ellis, is putting their foot down, telling gamers that those invites are not what they seem. Ellis' Twitter page stated earlier this week, "If you see a page claiming to allow you to sign up for a Halo 4 beta be advised, IT'S A FAKE." The Twitter page also has an amusing YouTube video link to prove that point.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce any sort of Halo 4 beta test. That doesn't mean that the company won't have a beta for Halo 4 at some point. Some of the previous games in the Halo series have had multiplayer betas for the Xbox 360. You can bet that when Microsoft does make such a beta announcement, it will be all over the Internet (and posted here at Neowin).

Microsoft has been saying that the recent rash of Xbox 360 account highjacks by hackers has been due in part to phishing schemes. This fake Halo 4 beta test could be just one example of a scam designed to get a person's Xbox Live user name and password.

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illustrick said,
halo has been terrible for years i wonder why there is still the hype

Because the opinion of a single person, in this case two even, doesn't matter. Halo is a terrible game IMO though I think the stories themselves are good for what they are. That is to say, the stories appeal to the target crowd they are meant for which in the end is all that matters in making money.

Way too early for beta invites to be going out! But some people are Halo crazed so I'm sure they'd believe it!

este said,
Way too early for beta invites to be going out! But some people are Halo crazed so I'm sure they'd believe it!

Also consider many halo fans are not tech nerds so they probably don't understand that Grandma's Boy is not a good example of how fast a video game goes from Design to Development to Alpha to Beta to Release.