Microsoft shows off Lync-Skype video calling demo at Lync Conference

In May, Microsoft added a way for users of its business-based Lync messaging software to communicate with Skype users via IM and audio for the Windows and Mac desktop versions. At that time, the company announced that video chat between the two clients was in the works.

Today, Microsoft showed off the first public demonstration of the Lync-Skype video chat feature as part of its second annual Lync Conference in Las Vegas. The demo showed a Microsoft rep using Lync to launch a video call to a nearby guitar shop that uses the Skype client. This feature is expected to be added sometime later in 2014.

In a post on the official Skype blog, Microsoft says that adding video chat between Lync and Skype will be very beneficial for both businesses and consumers. For example, Microsoft stated: 

Enterprises will increase their use of video interviews, firstly during the initial screening process and then onwards through the selection process and follow-up. Skype, with its global reach and platform availability is ideal for this sort of Ad-hoc but also critical communications requirement.

The blog also points out that employees who use Lync on the road will be able to more easily keep in touch with family and friends who will use the Skype client.

The official Microsoft blog adds that more features are planned for Lync, including better support for older video teleconferencing systems. Today's conference also showed off an upcoming Lync client made especially for Android tablets, which will be released later this summer.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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How about you (Microsoft) get the basic features like actually showing messages that have been received, allowing premium features to all clients not just the desktop app (looking at you group video).

No random disconnects? No random downgrading of audio quality? No 12 hour+ delay of messages? They quite obviously weren't using the production skype service then!

You all need to understand the difference. Skype works through the outside internet. Lync is a corporate IM client for inside a network. If you have your dedicated lync server setup to do so you can use a mobile client. But MS maintains the Skype servers and private IT maintain lync servers. So there won't be a single client. This is the compromise.

Oh... and the NSA will have an easier time of monitoring communications on both networks since they will only need one client, now.


Yep, and they will probably be able to integrate Video Kinect chat with the other two networks by 2015. Might as well make sure all of the bases are covered... LOL


Well, if this happens, everyone will start to use Lync instead of Skype (if released as standalone of course)

burritodave said,
It should be called: SkyLync

or Lype?

SkyLync? That could get them sued by Hasbro, since they have a Transformers character named SkyLynx! Or maybe MS could use SkyLynx as the mascot? :-D

Funny I used to take basic stuff like that for granted, I just assumed they would give Skype a better IM interface after yanking MSN Messenger away like they did. Skins, I bet that would be so easy for them to do also.

I agree.. the Lync UI is beautiful... it could use a bit cleaning up but overall it's miles better than the horrid Skype UI. I don't think skins would look nice but rather maybe theme colours.