Microsoft sold 1.2 million Xbox One consoles in Q3 FY14

Microsoft has announced that it sold 2 million Xbox consoles during FY14 Q3, including 1.2 million Xbox One consoles. While Sony continues to outsell the Xbox One, it's important to note that the Xbox One is on sale in only 13 markets whereas the PS4 is on-sale in more than 50 markets; Microsoft has sold a total of 4.2 million Xbox One consoles to date.

For Microsoft, the Xbox One is nothing short of a massive success for the company. It has once again been able to build on the Xbox brand and create a console that is selling well and is showing no signs of slowing down. Even as the console starts to mature, as there have been several updates to the platform already, Microsoft will slowly start to sell the console in more regions which will help keep sales strong, for the next few quarters.

In September, Microsoft will start selling the Xbox One in 26 new markets, including Japan, which will provide another huge boost to its user base.

With the Xbox One, Microsoft is positioning the console as much more than just a gaming machine. With Skype, OneDrive and Internet Explorer all available on the platform, Xbox is no longer just a console, but also an open development platform. More so, with the introduction of Universal Apps at Build 2014, the future looks bright for the Xbox One.

Image via Microsoft

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so this is obviously an issue of close personal appeal to a lot of people (a lot of you as well).

Jesus, well I guess the whole aspect of tech gods can now be revered to in history, the devotion I see (I mean blind or uneducated devotion, aka religion) is simply amazing.

Its hard to say anything here without pissing on someone's carpet or having sex with their wife (or similar, judging by the responses alone).

ok I'll give it a go.....

Both are selling really really well.
No one should hope for a home run (as that = no competition)
both have a long future - judging now is absolutely stupid (taking stats isn't, but overall judging is)
Both have a massively similar architecture but also a massively different architecture due to the RAM/ESRAM issue. It makes a massive difference to both consoles.

We will not see the MAJOR benefits of esram and DX12 until DX12 comes to xbox one, but we will also see the DX12 benefits (those that effect the xboxone) a lot sooner than pc (which is an architecture platform as opposed to a single device).

DX12, from what I read will allow devs to do hard to imagine things with the ESRAM due to the unparalleled speed of communication between GFX and ESRAM and the new DX12 techniques.

End of the day though, no one knows do they? We all talk like we know but we don't, we make educated guesses based on the amount we read and the amount we understand AND the truth of what we have both read and understood.

The only truth is time, when the things we talk about are in front of our faces.

How many of those were sold through to customers?

"In September, Microsoft will start selling the Xbox One in 26 new markets, including Japan, which will provide another huge boost to its user base."


ZeroHour said,
All of them, the numbers are sold not supplied like the last number of 5 million.

Even looking at the 5million number, retail isn't going to buy up lots to just have it sit there if it's not selling, so out of the 5million sold to retail at least 4.5million have been sold to people. I'd say the number sold through is around the 4.6-4.8 million range and growing.

Sure the PS4 is out in the lead, but from just a business perspective, the XB1 is a huge boost compared to the 360 at this point in it's life sales wise. The market is big enough to have 3 consoles and each be successful in the end.

Astra.Xtreme said,
Why are they waiting so long to get into those other markets? They're essentially losing a ton of money to Sony because of this.

This is the multi-million dollar question I have as well.

Because they have had weak sales numbers for both the Xbox and Xbox 360 in those regions compared to other regions so they concentrate on where they have historically made the most money. For example releasing in Japan not only uses up production volume but also requites a huge about of localisation and testing which is not a priority for them considering they sell so few consoles in Japan.

Now for other regions in languages they already localised too it is harder to make such justifications for late launch.

Astra.Xtreme said,
Why are they waiting so long to get into those other markets? They're essentially losing a ton of money to Sony because of this.

It's could also be a capacity issue. Reportedly the Surface Mini was delayed due lack of capacity for the Surface 2. All of these tech companies are vying for production capacity from a few Chinese manufacturers.

Also, after the $900 million write-off for over producing the original Surface RT, MS is probably gun shy on pre-ordering inventory.

It certainly could be a supply issue, but with as deep of pockets as Microsoft has, I can't imagine they would willingly allow that problem. They should know much money thay've been missing out on for so long. Sony isn't doing well financially, but they seemed to have nailed their release with flying colors.

It has to do with Kinect voice recognition. It seems they where not ready for all the languages on those other markets (there has also been rumors that the x1 was to be launched this year, not last year and that they rushed it so Sony wouldn't go solo to the market).

They could have launched with English recognition only. I know many who'd have been happy with that. Localization support could have been added later.