Microsoft starts two new blogs focused on Windows 7

Microsoft has started two new blogs centered around Windows 7, to complement the existing "Engineering Windows 7" blog most Microsoft enthusiasts are already used to reading.

The first one hosted on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) titled "Windows 7 Blog for Developers" and is centered around Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer's favorite subject... developers, developers, developers! Specifically those developers who want to take advantage of new code features being implemented in Windows 7. In the first post, poster yochayk states that the blog is intended to be a "one stop shop on the road to get yourself familiar with what Windows 7 has to offer for developers and how you can light-up using Windows 7 features in your application."

The second one is hosted on Technet and is titled "Springboard Series" and is centered around IT professionals in an effort to decrease the amount of misinformation out there among that group. Commentary about new features or fixes, as well as best practices for administrating Windows 7 are a few of the goals of this blog. The Springboard Series blog will also feature information about administration on previous version of Windows.

It would seem that Microsoft is trying to get an early start on getting positive spin out about Windows 7 and perhaps as learned from some of the mistakes made by the launch of Windows Vista.

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I agree with HeartsOfWar... Vista is a great OS, I really enjoy it. When I go back and use XP machines at work, I get annoyed at it a bit because of some of the features I constantly use in Vista that are not in XP.
I also agree they were too vocal, they should keep the unique features of Windows 7 hush... that way the hype will grow.

I just really hope they don't just drop Vista anytime soon, because a lot of people are still just getting into Vista. Our school for example, just installed Vista on every machine and doesn't support XP anymore. My friend's workplace did the same.

Well they better start talking as keeping their lips shut hurt Vista a lot.

I hope these don't turn into blogs they have, but never post to... Like the Windows Mobile Team blog.

Actually, MS was way to vocal about Vista.

There are two reasons why Vista has yet to replace XP:

1. Poor driver compatibility at launch (not MS fault)

2. The actual released capabilities of Vista weren't even close to the "hype"...

I use and enjoy Vista, but make no mistake... MS did not keep their mouths shut about Vista and that's what really hurt them.

I didn't say that Microsoft wasn't vocal about Vista, perhaps that they are putting a new spin on their vocal-ness and getting better information out sooner, rather than just hype.