Microsoft Store web site extends ship times for most new Surface tablets

With just a week to go before the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets go on sale on October 22nd, people who pre-order the tablets from the Microsoft Store website will have to wait at least a few days longer than than before they get their hands on the new models.

At the moment, the site is showing that only the $899 64GB Surface Pro 2 will ship for pre-orders on October 21st, the day before the official launch date. The site now shows that both the 32GB and 64GB Surface 2 models, along with the 128GB Surface Pro 2, will ship on October 25th, a few days after the launch date. Previously the 128GB version was shown as "out of stock."

If you want the 256GB or the 512GB Surface Pro 2, the Microsoft Store site shows them both as being in stock, but any pre-orders that are put in now will have to wait until December 15th to see those models ship to their new owners. This would confirm our previous reports that there is a low supply of the tablets ahead of their launch date.

If you want a Type Cover 2 to go along with the new Surface models, you had better like purple because at the moment that's the only version that's available for pre-order on the site. All of the other colors (Cyan, Magenta and Charcoal) are now listed as "out of stock". Pre-ordering the purple version will get it shipped out on October 29th. The new Touch Cover 2 is still available and it will also ship for pre-orders on October 29th.

Source: Microsoft Store | Image via Microsoft

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Just shows that as far as the Pro goes, people want the ones with more storage, it seems the 64GB Pro model is just not in demand. Honestly MS should've dropped that option and went with 128GB to 512GB only. Having the 128GB starting at $899 would have been a better option.

Just chatted to a Microsoft rep on the UK store:

You: at 9:22:28: I notice the shipping date for the Surface Pro 2 in the Microsoft Store has changed from 22nd October to 29th October for the 256GB and 512GB versions. Are these just for new orders? I pre-ordered the 256GB/8GB version on 24th September, do you know when I might get it?
*********: at 9:23:29
That date is only for the latest order that were placed since yeasterday
*********: at 9:23:42
the other ones will be shipped on the 22nd

So it would appear the cut-off date was 14th October, in the UK at least.

Yup - I just checked my order and it still says that it will be shipped on the 22nd. I never saw the cyan, magenta and purple Type Covers 2 being available in the UK store, though. Hopefully they will be available soon - or they will be sold at John Lewis at launch.

SombreSire said,
Here in Belgium I ordered a SurfacePro 2 256GB on 29/09 and the date was already set on 15/12 for a possible delivery.

3 Months?! Jesus!

Steve121178 said,
At those prices I think I'll pass.

Microsoft have another flop on their hands.

Yeah. How dare they put high end hardware (ultrabook class) in smaller package and still ask for ultrabook type of price!! burn them!!

I wouldn't call it high end, Ultrabook's are not high-end by their very nature.

The fact is the Surface was a flop at the original price-point and the new version costs £100 more. I don't see this selling like a proverbial hot cake.

So i guess high end smartphones are also not really high end .. because of their very nature. basically the only high end can be found in servers

Steve121178 said,
At those prices I think I'll pass.

Microsoft have another flop on their hands.

Holy ****.... apparently the trolls have been taking over I guess it's time to find another news site.

coderchi said,

Holy ****.... apparently the trolls have been taking over I guess it's time to find another news site.

They're everywhere man, can't get away from them I'm afraid

Here in Austria the shipping date for the Surface 2 64GB has been pushed back to December 2 weeks ago!