Microsoft Surface Pro goes on sale in the UK May 23rd

Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet will go on sale in the UK starting next week, but it looks like the availability of the Windows 8 Pro device will be pretty limited. The tablet will only be on sale via the UK Microsoft Store website and will not be sold in any retail stores in that territory, at least for now.

According to Engadget, the price for the 64 GB Surface Pro will be £719 , and UK residents will have to spend £799 for the 128 GB version. The prices don't include the optional Touch and Type Covers, which already cost £99 and £109, respectively.

The Surface Pro is currently available in in the U.S., Canada and China, It will go on sale in Hong Kong on Friday, and the tablet is supposed to be made available for sale by the end of May in a bunch of other countries and territories, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

By the end of June, the tablet should add Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, and Thailand to that list of countries and territories, joining its previously launched Surface RT tablet.

Source: Engadget | Image via Microsoft

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Within 2 hours of finally knowing the price I've bought a Lenovo Yoga 13 for £799 which is £109 cheaper and you get more power/flexibility. The Surface Pro + keyboard is also £200 more expensive than the Acer W700 128GB.

More unbelievable then this huge delay from the Surface Pro is still no major UK high street retailer is selling a Windows 8 tablet other then Surface RT.
I find that low level of market penetration very significant - from PC World to John Lewis!

This is a very serious problem for Microsoft. I spoke to a girl at work today who thought Android was Windows! She has seen all of the Win8 adds and it was only when I showed her a pic of the Win8 interface that it clicked. I told her about the features and she wanted to see a real one.
This is a total marketing and availability disaster. She works in MI reporting so by no means dumb.

I think the problem is because the adverts have shown the metro interface on a tablet. There hasn't been any continuity between what she recognises as windows (desktop pc and start menu/windows) that lead into next phase of the windows story.

Aside from that Android looks different on all OEM devices (which must confuse people who believe the choice is iPad or other) and there is a growing generation who have never known Windows to be anything other then XP+ style.

I think they could resolve this (if they do bring back the start button) by showing someone working on what looks like a desktop who then gets up, undocks the tablet and uses metro. This would complete the consumer change story that's gone on.

Sorry Microsoft, but if you want people to buy these over regular laptops, you're going to have to price them accordingly. The average laptop in the UK, with 6GB of RAM, at least 500GB HD, DVD burner and Windows 8 etc is about £350 . With a recession on and austerity looming, you're not going to sell many Surfaces at nearly double that price point.

£720 for that...? WITHOUT the touch cover? Yeah, no thanks. As nice as it is there's a premium tax on that, and it's ridiculously high. Some might even say apple mac style high.

And then they wonder why it wouldn't get any meaningful market share. You can't buy the wretched thing anywhere! Meanwhile, iPads, Galaxies and all kinds of crap pads are in every corner shop.

Don't get too excited about Haswell yet. A Chinese forum posted tests of the Haswell CPU, and performance was about 20% up, the GPU was roughly 30% up, and power consumption was only about 15% lower.

I don't think Haswell is going to be the magic bullet here for the nextgen tablets.

The new Atom might just have enugh extra oomph to make Atom tablets workable fort most daily desktop apps, and have some extra batterylife to give. But that's still out there.

And how do you figure that?

The AUD is less than the USD ATM, plus US prices don't include taxes, ours do. The fact that it's virtually the same price with GST as the US prices are without tax (Surface Pro 128GB: AU$1099 inc. GST vs US$999 ex. tax), and the fact that our dollar is lower ATM, they have to ship it into the country, and add retailer mark-ups, I'd say it's pretty bloody good.

Also keep in mind, we get 2 years warranty for free, they have to add another $149.00. Believe it or not, when you think about it, we're actually CHEAPER!

For us on 30th May, it'll cost us $1099 inc. GST for a Surface Pro 128 GB with 2 years warranty from JB-HiFi/Harvey Norman/Microsoft, or $999 + $149 (2 year warranty instead of standard 1 year) + tax if I was a US resident.

$1099 neat vs. $1148+tax, who's being ripped off again?

It's only $15 more than in the US if you subtract VAT.

If the dollar gets any weaker, or the pound any stronger, it'll be cheaper in the UK than the US. And the Surface RT comes with a free touch cover in the UK!

AWKM said,
Good old UK markup.

How's that?
US = $999 for 128GB
UK = £640 for 128GB (with VAT deducted)

$999 = £657 so the markup is a whopping £17

paulheu said,

UK = £640 for 128GB (with VAT deducted)

$999 = £657 so the markup is a whopping £17

Actually it's £665 for the 128GB with the VAT deducted.

you've got to do:

(799 / (100 + VAT)) * 100

because the retail price is 120% of the original price, as VAT was added on.

paulheu said,

How's that?
US = $999 for 128GB
UK = £640 for 128GB (with VAT deducted)

$999 = £657 so the markup is a whopping £17

I'm not in America but in Ontario, Canada.

UK prices already include VAT so:
799 GBP = $1242 CAD

Prices in Canada don't include GST/HST in advance so:
Surface Pro in Ontario (including HST at 13%) will be around $1130 which is about 727 GBP.

I guess in higher tax provinces the gap will be lesser. In provinces with lower sales taxes it will be wider.

paulheu said,
while true, it makes no difference to debunking the argument there is a (significant) markup.

I agree I don't think there is a significant mark up, was just correcting the math.

I think £799 is expensive but it's a high end device so it is bound to be more than lower quality ones. If they could get price down to say £699 I think it would be perfect. Maybe by the second generation they will be able to make them cheaper.

I still want one now though, if only I could afford it