Microsoft takes to the streets to show off the limitations of Google's Chromebook

Last week, Microsoft launched a new campaign against another Google-based product: the Chromebook. Now the company is using one of its own, evangelist Ben Rudolph, to further Microsoft's notion that the Chromebook won't give consumers what they really need in a notebook. Rudolph did much the same thing in 2012 with the company's "Smoked by Windows Phone" campaign.

The Microsoft YouTube channel has a new video that shows Rudolph hitting the streets of Venice, California and asking people what kinds of things they like to do on a notebook. One person stated she uses her laptop for Photoshop and Illustrator. Another person stated she uses Microsoft Office programs like Word and Excel.

Rudolph happens to have a Chromebook to show off during the video and he points out that even though Google claims it can run everything a person needs from a laptop, it can't run Photoshop or Illustrator and users can't install Microsoft Office. He also points out that Google Docs doesn't work if there's not an Internet connection handy.

Rudolph then shows off the Asus Transformer Book T100 running on Windows 8, which he says costs the same amount of money as the Chromebook (around $300). He shows that it can run all the programs that the Chromebook can't handle and also that the Transformer T100's screen can separate from the keyboard to become a stand-alone tablet. It's likely that this new video will not be the last we hear of Microsoft in their latest attempt to downplay the products and services that Google has to offer.

Source: Microsoft on YouTube

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Nashy said,
You spelled fragmentation and frustration wrong.

Yeah, because Microsoft sure played that part well with Windows phone 7 hmm? Oh wait...


Oh yeah. Cause WP7 and WP8 can compare to the amount of fragmentation in the market that Google has created. Please.

It will be no different with this lame attempt at an OS.

Its interesting people nagging about windows RT but praise chromebooks. in my opinion if Full windows would be 10 , RT is 5 and chromebook is 1 or 2

This is great advertising. It doesn't matter about them not showing the alternatives. There really isn't an alternative to that suite. Regardless of what people say about functionality of other office suites, they don't give you the ease of use, or don't give you as many options to choose from.

Secondly, Google is a privacy eating machine.

Great way to do a comparison MS
Chromebook around the $300 mark
Transformer T100 $598

If it costs twice as much id certainly hope it could do alot more than a Chromebook lol


I almost laughed out loud reading the article. I can just imagine an Asus exec hiding in the bushes saying "that's right MS b*tch, promote my hardware free for me".

But then, MS had no choice. They couldn't very well say "Chromebook costs about $300 and our Surface Pro 2....well.....that will only costs you roughly two mortgage payments".

I am not really MS fanboy but Chromebook is really piece of junk. Any device which works solely on internet connection and try to call itself a computer deserve to get ridiculed.

Ok, so this is going to be a little bit of a long post while I break down the video and educate the people that obviously don't understand what brainwashing techniques are taking place and why you should actually try using both devices before passing judgement.

So at the beginning of the video Ben says "This is a Chromebook, Google says, the Chromebook, it's everything you need in one laptop"
Google never said that and a Bing, Yahoo, Ask or even Google search just relates back to this video and even going up to page 20 of the search results, there is no record of Google saying that ever. So the first thing that has come out of this guys mouth is a complete lie as they NEVER said it. Next Ben says, "Let's show it to some real people..." You mean real employees of Microsoft, the girl stood on the left is none other than
An account manager for Microsoft India, had to use a Google Image search for that one.
Ok so moving on they talk about Photoshop, well it all depends on what your editing really, personally whether using a PC, Mac or Chromebook, I would always favour using a site like as it's instant and doesn't require any software installation and uses the servers processing power as opposed to yours. But on the Chrome Web Store there are over 20 million apps and 90%+ are free including an OFFLINE version of PIXLR, on Windows you get Paint, which I suppose could be fun for kids for like 20 seconds, but anyway moving on. Ben says when your not online, you can't create or edit documents, that is true if you haven't turned on offline mode. Offline Google Drive documents sync automatically to your Chromebook, and when you create a new document, as you type, it automatically saves offline with every keystroke, and will automatically sync with your account when your back online. you can revert back to any point in history from when you created the document, I have a document that is over year old that I collaborated on with some work colleagues, as the owner of the document, if I decided I want to take out their edits, I can do without any issues. But Google Docs is also great for students it has a full Google Search if you click Tools, Research and allows you to add citations with one click.
Moving on through the video...
"Word, Excel, Powerpoint, you can't install it on this one."
Well I see that as a good thing, if someone sends me a .docx, xlsx or pptx document, I can open and edit it as a Microsoft document for free using Quickoffice, which is built into Chrome OS. Microsoft would charge me £90 a year for Office 365 when Google has something that does exactly the same job and a bit more, try it for an hour, you will make your documents come to life with Quickoffice and Google Drive.
But before we move on, Ben said a bent fact, you can't install Microsoft Office on a Chromebook. That is true, he didn't say you can't use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook, which you can. If you have Office 365, then you already have access to Microsoft Office on the cloud using Skydrive. Oh wait, you paid for Office 365 to be able to use it as a cloud subscription between 5 computers, but if you go on Skydrive, it's already enabled anyway. Bing it!

Moving on...
"Do you know anyone that has one of these?"
"Yeah, I have a friend but she doesn't really use it."
"Why doesn't she really use it?"
"Because she can't do anything on it really."
Really? I mean Really, really, really, real people. Ok, let's suppose the conversation here is really true, really? Ok, i'll go with that. So the reason she can't really do anything is because she is under 13 and it is against the law to have her own email account, so her parents set up a restricted profile for her to make sure she is not seeing stuff that kids shouldn't see, protecting her from the dangers of the web. What you mean Chromebooks can REALLY do that? Yes they can.

Ben tells a bunch more bent truths and just catches this guys response, but he looks to be the only non actor in the whole video as he looks intrigued to go check it out for himself, and if he speaks to anyone that has used one, he will find out they do pretty much everything a PC does without the buggy software that has had over 3 billion viruses for Windows vs 0 for Chromebooks.
but moving on...
"Everything you need in one laptop, it's Windows 8 over a Chromebook everytime"
I'm not going to tell you to go out and buy a Chromebook or a PC or even Mac, but what I will say is, don't you find it odd that Microsoft are running such childish campaigns, does it really not make you want to just go to a store and play on them side by side for 20 minutes to a few hours and see the differences for yourselves instead of preaching Windows is better if you haven't tried a Chromebook, if you say you have tried the Chrome browser and it seemed slow, that's your machine that's slow, not the browser.
But Microsoft are great still aren't they, they have had so much success with operating systems that speed up over time instead of slowing down, oh wait, no that's Chrome OS, well they have that awesome social networking site Myspace everyone uses that, oh ok, another failed product, how about quick OS updates, anything between 20-minutes to three days for some updates taking up space on your machine and you don't know what the updates are for, it says security but you still get a virus a month later, mmm...
I used to have Windows 8 with an i7, I got sick of trying to fix Windows laptops, remove viruses, restore hard drives, update software, so bought the most expensive one there was, until 6 months later it got dramatically slower like all the rest. I was given a Chromebook as a loan laptop while my laptop was being repaired. It was quick and half the price of budget laptops so when I picked up my PC, I bought a Chromebook to play on. With Chrome OS it automatically updates every six weeks and gets faster over time, i've had a Chromebook for a little over a year and ditched Windows about 3 months after I bought a Chromebook and never looked back. Using my Chromebook I run a successful business and now don't have to keep wondering about the next technology expense. When I got the Chromebook it took about 14 seconds to power on, today it takes about 9 seconds, it is the first computer I have ever owned that has got faster with age and I now class myself as an ex Microsoft user and you could give me the Transformer as shown in the video and £1000, i'd take the money and pay someone to put Chrome OS on the tablet, I will never use Windows again, when you get used to the speed of Chrome (instant) you never look back.

I don't know why MS is wasting so much energy on the Chromebook, I don't think it will ever see large success anyway, at least not now or in the near future...Maybe it is a pre-emptive strike?

Can't use office >>>> Google Drive
Can't use Photoshop >>>>> Multiple photo editing web apps for Google Chrome

illage3 said,
Can't use office >>>> Google Drive
Can't use Photoshop >>>>> Multiple photo editing web apps for Google Chrome

I take it you never used either Photoshop or Office then

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