Microsoft tells us how to mount an 82 inch touchscreen to the wall

In July 2012, Microsoft closed the deal to acquire Perceptive Pixel, which makes massive 10-point touchscreen monitors that have been used by businesses and even television networks to display content. At BUILD 2012 last fall, we got a chance to play with an 82-inch touchscreen from the company.

Obviously, owning one of these screens will cost more than the average monitor you can pick up at Best Buy, but let's say you do have the tens of thousands of dollars in cash to bring one of these 82 inch touchscreens home. The natural thing to do is to mount the monitor on your living room or movie room wall.  Thankfully, Microsoft has your back with a video of how to place this Perceptive Pixel product on your wall.

The video, uploaded on Microsoft's Office YouTube channel, shows that in order to get that huge screen attached to a wall, workers must first put in brackets on top and on the bottom of the screen even before it comes out of its shipping crate. Then the monitor is lifted (very carefully, we suspect) into the pre-installed wall bracket. Then you simply removes the brackets around the screen and presto; it's done.

For those of you who "just" want to put the 82 inch touch screen on a stand, the Office videos also show people how to do that. There are also video available to show how to mount a 55 inch Perceptive Pixel monitor on a wall or on a stand. Enjoy your "rich person" problems.

Source: Microsoft Office on YouTube

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My family thinks me already crazy for sittin at the couch with a DLP for a computer monitor, in the 2nd living room. I can't imagine what they'd think of me standing in front of a screen all day lol..

if you mount it on the wall, i guess you'd get a couple of bar stools to sit on? or have it low enough on the wall to sit in a normal chair? you wouldn't want to stand up the whole time while using it...

Buttus said,
if you mount it on the wall, i guess you'd get a couple of bar stools to sit on? or have it low enough on the wall to sit in a normal chair? you wouldn't want to stand up the whole time while using it...

These displays intended to function as a primary input device or display. Their primary use in business is for interactive presentations and the like.

The same way you do any other TV. In the case of this one, you need a mounting bracket that can be bolted to 4 studs vs a tv 1/2 the size that only needs 2 stud mount. And doom you simply hang it. Test the weight before hanging. If the Tv weights 100lbs or so...just get 2 people to grab on to the mounting bracket and hang from it and yank on it a few times. If it can support you, then it can support the TV just fine.

neufuse said,
sounds like a 1%er issue...... seriously a 82" touch screen with mounting instructions? *lol* thanks ms

1st world problems

bomba6 said,
BTW- what type of graphic card do you need to support this setup?

it might be 82" but it is probably only a 1080p display *lol*

Max Norris said,

Yea, the manufacturer's site says 1920x1080. For that much money I'd personally be looking for something significantly higher resolution.. but still looks pretty cool for the intended audience though.

Not everyone cries about pixels

Remember TV's in the 90s? hahaha and compare em to this screen... world of difference. As long as it looks clear, whats the problem?

That said I do love the clean image of my 920 with its ridiculous resolution. But its not a selling feature.

And to get similar PPI's for those 82 inch screens... haha you think its already expensive? add in the 4k resolution and just guess what the price will be at this moment

They skipped the step where you decide that it's just not at the right height, so you take it back down, move the wall bracket, and re-mount. Repeat as necessary.

Best way..go to order one of the many choices of good mounting hardwares for your tv. Get in the mail and install it. Then mount tv and save big bucks instead of going to best buy or any other store.

Dushmany said,
Great, the bolts will be sub-standard and the wall will BSoD just as you finish mounting..... :~
You just won some of the 1990's internet.