Microsoft to back open ID scheme

A plan to make it easier for web users to manage their online identities has won the support of Microsoft.

The Open ID scheme uses web addresses that people already own to help authenticate their identity. In this way it tries to reduce the number of names and passwords that people have to remember and manage. As part of the deal Microsoft is sharing some of its technology with Open ID developers and will include it in future identity-related products.

The Open ID community, which is a loose coalition of programmers, is wrestling with ways to handle the different sorts of identification that use of the web demands. Sites such as online banks understandably demand far more rigorous guarantees about someone's identity than places such as discussion forums which are far more informal.

However, many sites still rely on one-size-fits-all user name and password systems which get increasingly cumbersome to manage and have many well-documented shortcomings.

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Yeah, yeah, passport all over again. And no way I'm trusting Microsoft with my accounts, I rather post them and all my CC numbers on a website publicly. But that's just me.

Well, having 1 ID is a cool idea, but say that ID is compromised then it kinda leaves your whole life open to the person who compromised the account, Which would be bad news.

I don't mind multiple ID's, it keeps me from being a lazy dumbass I guess because it requires more thought to track multiple online ID's.

With one ID you would need to break into the secure central server to get the ID. or do soem good social engineering or break into the users computer.

With multiple Id's people usually have the same username and if not he username is easy to spot. and they pretty much allways have 1 password for all acounts, or at best 2 or 3. So in this case an insecure forum would be all they need to break into all your accounts, and fiure out your standard password for everythign you use.