Microsoft to consider custom Surface SKUs in other countries if the demand is high enough

When Microsoft launched the Surface Pro in China earlier this month, it also unexpectedly launched a third version of its PC hardware product. It had the same hardware as the Surface Pro, but was locked in the Chinese language and came with a free version of Office 2013 Home and Student.

WPDang got a chance to chat with Microsoft's Surface team leader Panos Panay as part of the launch, and in an interview posted earlier this month, Panay said that there was a demand for the special "Surface Chinese" SKU and hinted that the company could offer up other special versions of the Surface in other countries, but only if there is a strong demand for such a product.

We suspect that many people who would like to buy the Surface Pro in the U.S. would also appreciate a free version of Office 2013 Home and Student as part of its software bundle, similar to what Microsoft offers for the Surface RT tablet.

The same article also showed off a newly revealed early prototype for the Surface Touch Cover that had a velvet-like material. That version was abandoned due to the cover collecting both dust and sweat from its users over time. Microsoft decided to go with the final version of the Touch Cover that allows for washing the top keyboard portion with a damp cloth but with a matte finish on the back.

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gb8080 said,
Would like to buy Surface Pro in Europe - but still no availability of ANY version of it. Poor show.

They're coming next month.

GP007 said,

They're coming next month.

Hurrah, about time too! Source? Still not mentioned on the MS store website, not even for preorder

Hong Kong guy here, getting real impatient as well, they announced them in June last year, finally managed to release Surface Pro in some markets in Feburary this year, May is approaching and still no signs of availability in more non-US markets.

If the demand of Surface Pro is as high as Surface RT when it was released in Hong Kong, by the time Microsoft takes my money and hands me a Surface Pro, it will be one year later than its announcement date.