Microsoft to discontinue the Xbox 360 Elite?

Rumors are flying that Microsoft may just be killing off it's high-end Xbox 360 model, the Elite. The news comes from FUDZilla, and will reportedly happen sometime during the second quarter of this year.

The hardware that the Elite features will apparently be saved only for the Limited Edition Xbox 360 models, but apparently Microsoft will be introducing a larger hard drive for the 360, which will have more storage space than the current 120GB. So how will it all go down? Apparently in the second quarter, as mentioned, Microsoft will stop taking order for the Elite. They'll let the current inventory dry up, and then the only way you'll be able to pick up Elite-style hardware is if you fork out for a Limited Edition console, much like the Resident Evil 5 model.

I, personally, own an Elite and find it fantastic. So why would Microsoft do this? Well, apparently, the decision is based on the economy. Many retailers don't want the Elite model clogging up their shelves, as they tend to sit there and collect dust much longer than the cheaper models. They'd rather have room for the cheaper models, because they sell faster and generate more profit. Perhaps Microsoft could save the Elite model for online ordering only? Who knows. Maybe the Elite won't go after all, only time will tell.

What are your thoughts? Do you not mind if the Elite gets discontinued, or would you like it to stick around? Keep your eyes peeled to see if Microsoft will go through with the rumor, or if it will keep producing the Elite model.

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dead.cell said,
Because a color scheme = copying, right?

By that logic, you could say the PS3 copied the Sega Genesis or older systems. (I'm not an old fart, so my memory does not extend that far)

I belive the Atari was black. Not really sure though.

so...instead of saying it's being phased out...Microsoft's going to take a page out of sony's book and release limited edition after limited edition to try to appeal to the hardcore fans of seires that wouldn't otherwise consider an elite purchase...

...seems practical to me actually, cause if i want the hardware I'd pick up the limited edition with a much wanted game, and if I'm a game freak, I'm a lot more tempted to pick up the more expensive (and profitable) version.

During the next generation of consoles (PS4, XB720, ect) I believe Microsoft might go ahead and make a small version of the 360 and pack it into a handheld like Sony did the PSP.

Chris-Gonzales said,
What microsoft NEEDS is a mobile verson of the xbox, and no, that doesnt mean create a stupid zune

Zunebox? I don't know...

This is just retarded because the elite is the best system. As the other person said, its sexy and looks the best. I would be sad if they did this.

How is it a better system? isn't it just a black pro with 120Gb HDD?? I know for a little bit it had slightly better hardware but that has filtered down to the cheaper models how exactly is it better?

Recon415 said,

They all have HDMI now. The best systems are the Jasper systems. They consume the least power, and have the least chance of getting the RROD.

If they are going to increase the hard drive capacity of the other models then I think it makes sense to get rid of the Elite and just have these limited edition models. With the current economy, it makes sense. I work at M&S on the technology department and we haven't sold an Xbox 360 Elite for at least a couple of months.

Well it wasn't too long ago they upped the HDD size from 20GB to 60GB now. If you're going to save the "elite" for limited edition version then they'd probably also put in something like a 200GB HDD in those I suppose. Limited means they don't make alot anyways.

As for the Pro SKU, If they feel like giving that a bigger HDD, then maybe going up to 80GB sounds about right.

I think they're stopping to sell the elites because they want the Xbox to look cheap and affordable while the PS3 looks expensive and unatainable.

I honestly think that many people dont care about the Elite version, because the differences btwn the two versions arent great enough.

Yeah especially now that the standard system comes with a 60gb drive and HDMI port. Sure the Elite's drive is a little bit bigger, but on the whole what extra are you getting out of the Elite over the Regular console now? Other than a change of colour of course.

Well, by making them now "limited edition" only, they could toss in other changes besides just the color. the HDD could go up to 180GB or even 200GB. They might even make some other changes like built in wifi? Who knows really, anything to make people pay the extra money.

The "Elite" isn't very elite anymore. Perhaps they should just drop the name and make black versions for all or specific models, akin to what the N64 did way back when. Just let people pick the color they want.

Regardless, they had better not phase the color out. Even if the economy has hurt it's sales, they should at least keep the elite or at least a black version of the various 360 models available online.

Just bought the elite today for £190 over the new 60gb HDMI sku at £170. A black console and a extra 60gb hard drive for £20. But I agree with the previous poster, the elite does not sound so 'Elite' no more.

I think Microsoft should discontinue the whole line-up and deliver a new console to the market. With the advancement in computers over the last two years, the Xbox 360 is beginning to look like a little boy's toy.

I can see a sixteen core system with eight gigs of memory, 1.5tb of disk and wireless N for around $499 (again, no profit, but they could be first to the 8th generation of video games).

Who is going to code GAMES for that? When it comes to hardware, we could make that dream system with current technology. But the people who are coding games are not going to be able to make use of that much power for awhile..

Aw, I love the elites, if only for the color. Though I bought mine when it was the only one with HDMI and the Premium only had a 20GB drive.

Wasn't the Elite meant to be a limited run when it came out, then MS would go back to the white models but they would include a HDMI port as well?

I love the "Elite" (I have one), but this seems like a reasonable move if they start packaging the "Pro" models with the 120GB HDD. I expect that the "Arcade" models will probably get the 20GB drive if only to support the NXE update. I agree that they should keep making black consoles though in addition to the white ones.

...and yeah; it's not so "Elite" any more.

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