Microsoft to force users to upgrade to Vista for Halo 2

If you're a Halo 2 fan then brace yourself...


Microsoft has the sheer audacity to expect PC gamers to upgrade to Windows Vista in order to be able to play Halo 2 for PC.


The shocking revelation comes from none other than the BBC who haven't quoted anyone from Microsoft regarding this. It will make it very expensive for the average PC user to play Halo 2.


Vista is currently in beta stage and is expected to be released between mid and late October, 2006.


If it's true that Microsoft will force users to upgrade, what else is the company likely to do in order to force their latest version of Windows onto consumer PCs?


View: BBC News

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I agree that this story, as I read it at 1730, is written in a totally different style to the rest of Neowin's news; it just comes across as a sensationalist rant by a newsposter who's not having a good day. I agree, if it is true it's not great business practice but Neowin's reporting before has rarely been this emotionally fuelled.

On-topic though, I cannot help wondering that, if this is true, there must be some more to it: as in, Microsoft embracing some of the new graphics technologies only present in Vista to enhance the experience which would warrant the game being Vista-only. I really don't think they'd make it Vista-only without a good, necessary reason such as genuine incompatibilities with previous versions of Windows. The question there is whether those incompatibilities are unavoidable.