Microsoft to Launch Office Live Nov 15th

More great news coming in from the software giant Microsoft. The company is all set to launch its online service that would help small companies to get their work done online like developing websites and maintaining business contacts. The company has confirmed that they would be launching Office Live in the United States November 15. It would also simultaneously launch test versions of the software in France, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom.

This platform has already been available to beta testers for more than eight months now and is being developed to help the company take on internet companies like Google and Yahoo!

News source: Software Journal

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Good for them, but I have to wonder about the market for this. I haven't heard many using Google's online office services, and they are actually pretty good. I think it'll take some time to change how people look at their data and applications, and they can't expect many companies to use this anyway.

When does Canada get hooked up? If 3rd world nations get it before we do, people are going to be a little unhappy!

Quote - HBKRAW2K6 said @ #3.1
France, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom are not third-world countries

Saudi Arabia too <,<; ....

Quote - sLm4ever said @ #3.2

Saudi Arabia too <,<; ....

With homosexuals being beheaded in Saudi Arabia, one has to wonder whether they deserve to be called a first world country with such savagery and uncivilised behaviour.

Its a nice service for people who dont know the ins-and-outs of HTML coding but still want a website for their personal business.