Microsoft to open fifth store in Seattle-area

Microsoft has been rumoured to be bringing the next store home to Seattle, in the Downtown Bellevue Square mall.  In a report from, Microsoft and Apple are both rumoured to be opening up stores inside the mall, but Apple will be moving to a larger location.

Two of the stores inside the mall, Tall's Camera and Eddie Bauer will be relocating somewhere inside of the mall within the next few months, possibly to make way for the Microsoft Store.  Apple is also said to be opening up a larger store inside of the mall to compete with Microsoft.

This will be the fifth known Microsoft Store to be opening, joining the first two locations in Scottsdale, Arizona and Mission Viejo, California.  A Microsoft PR representative confirmed to Neowin that a store will be opening in Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, Colorado, but has not set an official opening date.  The other location, San Diego, California has yet to set an official location and opening date.

The Microsoft Store's offer all of the Microsoft products found through online retailers and inside major retail chains, including keyboards and mice, Windows 7, Xbox360 and many more products.

Apple currently has 222 stores in the United States alone, and 287 total stores worldwide, including 27 in the UK and 14 in Canada.

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Anyone wonder why Microsoft hasn't opened stores in major (media) cities yet? Probably because Apple already has a strong presence in those types of cities. No to mention iconic stores. The media would rip into Microsoft for not being able to draw the kinds of crowds that Apple Stores get. Don't expect Microsoft stores in New York, LA, San Fran, Miami, Chicago, etc. for a long time, if ever. I still think these stores are an experiment. These stores aren't only competing with Apple Stores. They're competing with Best Buy, CompUSA, Sony Style, etc.

Wish they would open a store in the North East - we already have an Apple store in Eldon Square, and now another one is opening 10mins down the road in Metrocentre.

What's with the west coast locations? It'd be nice if Microsoft would consider Texas and the East Coast too ya know...

I can't believe of all the places in Calfirnoa they picked Mission Viejo! Los Angeles has plenty of space and I know of the perfect spot to put a store. The old Circuit City Hollywood was a vacant lot until Children's Hospital took it for the employee parking.

The only thing we in L.A. have now is just the Apple Store, Best Buy, and Frys (some good deals and I live 20 minutes from the Burbank Airport).

I wonder if they have a horrendous amount of people coming in with their bloated trial software, malware laptops every day. It must be like a moth to a flame. In the long run perhaps a good thing, people will get to know they include so much garbage and recommend MSE then let word of mouth do the rest. Need to open more stores round the world though!

A Microsoft RP Representative eh? I think that should be PR...

And since when do stores have release dates? Wouldn't that be like an opening date? Lovely how software terminology has gotten mixed with business terminology...

EgyptianDuck said,
Now make one in England!

+1! Would really want one with a panoramic video wall. That would be awesome! I think MS would need to open one in Lakeside in Essex as it would compete well with the Apple store there