Microsoft to release four critical patches next week

Microsoft has announced plans to issue four "critical" security bulletins next week that address vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and Windows Mail in Vista. "Critical" is the most severe ranking Microsoft assigns to security flaws, which typically indicates a system can be compromised remotely with little interaction required by the user. Specifically, Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2003, IE 5.01 running on Windows 2000 with SP4 and Windows Mail in Vista are among the affected software. There are six bulletins in total according to Microsoft's advance advisory notification, all of which will be released next Tuesday as part of Microsoft's monthly "Patch Tuesday" ritual.

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IE 5.01 running on Windows 2000 with SP4

Annoying but true that companies still use IE5.01. These are then the same clients that grumble that their website doesn't "look right" in that browser version but don't appreciate the extra hoop-jumping required...

MajinDark said,
Am I not affected then? I'm running a vLited Vista with Windows Mail removed.

Maybe , or maybe not, I don't beleave those vLite versions will remove all the dlls, and many of them are shared and not just used by Windows Mail, but who knows. I never mess with those versions. Even though I don't use Outlook Express (I use Outlook 2k7), I really don't care if it's taking up 10MB or so on my hdd.