Microsoft to release just five security bulletins Tuesday

If you use any version of Windows, you might know that June 11th will be a day to watch out for. It's when Microsoft issues its regular monthly security software updates, also known as Patch Tuesday. Today, in advance of the event, Microsoft revealed there will be just five security bulletins issued as part of the event, far less than the 10 bulletins released in May.

The advance notice for the security bulletins, as posted on Microsoft's website, still don't go into detail on the specifics behind these updates so as to not alert hackers beforehand. Microsoft will offer more info on what these patches contain on Tuesday after they are released. but will release that information after the patches are launched on Tuesday.

Just one of the five bulletins is considered to be critical. The patch will affect nearly all of Microsoft's currently supported versions of Internet Explorer, tied into most versions of Windows, including Windows 8 and RT. The other four bulletins are labeled as Important and affect many versions of Windows as well as Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3 and Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

Microsoft usually releases new firmware updates for its Surface family of hardware products as part of Patch Tuesday. Microsoft has already announced plans to add new commands to the Touch and Type Cover keyboard buttons as part of the software update.

Source: Microsoft

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Albert said,
"just" five? boy you people are freaking crazy.

One of my Linux servers had around 30 or so updates last month due to security notices. Your point being...?

Why Microsoft does not make official Windows and Office with latest patch full iso everymonth? It should made easy to IT Pro. CMIIW. The funny things is there is no one made Windows Vista SP3 Ultimated SP3 Integrated June 2013 Update. I have Dell Latitude D630 with Vista Bus original. But I lazy every reinstalling My original Windows, I need to download super duper large patch online again and again. Windows XP, 7,8 many exe and MSU you can save in your computer. Even build with WAIK latest update. But Vista?

For businesses they use WSUS to manage and distribute patches. Having 10,000 computers all download their patches online is not ideal. WSUS will download the patches and store them locally ready for the client.

You simply couldn't make an ISO as your talking about hundreds of GB of updates. Far too much data to simply fit on a CD/DVD/BD.

I'd like to think of that as a good thing... nothing is perfect or absolutely secure. Whether it be 5 patches or 25... as long as issues are recognized and getting fixed, I'm a happy camper.

I'd prefer to see patches released "as they're aware"*, rather than a set date.
Zero day attacks are becoming more common, after all.

*With an appropriate testing phase, of course.

Microsoft used to do that many years ago but moved to a "Patch Tuesday" to make it more predictable for Network Admins so we didn't have to reboot various servers more than once a month.

I'm sure we'd rather not go back to that, but they do released "out of band" updates in urgent cases for example like 0 day threats you're referring to.

Also there has been months where there was 0 security updates, but not many.

COKid said,
Has there ever been a month when they had zero patches? I'm thinking no.

Yes - there has. I release / approve the updates every month for my enterprise and there have been probably 2 or 3 occasions over the last 5 years that I've been doing it. However that's normally offset by being a bumper haul of updates the following month!!