Microsoft trademarks "Put People First"

If you want to sell a product, it's always good to have a good catch phrase: "Where's The Beef?", "Think Different", and others. Now Microsoft is trying to establish the phrase "Put People First" for the launch of the Windows Phone 7.5 operating system update. TechCrunch reports that Microsoft filed for the "Put People First" phrase with the US Patent and Trademark office on September 19. The phrase is to be used for "Wireless communications devices, namely, mobile phones, cellular telephones, personal digital assistants, and hand-held computers; computer software for use with wireless communication devices."

Microsoft has already used the "Put People First" Phrase in some of its promotional materials for Windows Phone 7.5 such as the YouTube video shown below. It obviously makes the point that Microsoft wants the marketing machine behind the next version of the mobile OS to emphasize that it will center on people. Microsoft has already promoted the fact that Windows Phone 7.5 (otherwise known as the Mango update) will have a large number of social networking improvements including better access to checking and updating a user's Twitter web page.

Indeed, the head of Microsoft's Phone division, Andy Lees, used the catch phrase in a recent statement when HTC first announced its Windows Phone 7.5 devices. He states, "Phones were originally designed for communication, but they haven't kept up with the way consumers are actually communicating today. That's why we built Windows Phone to put people first, building in all the key types of communication people are already using right out of the box."

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That trademark should be revoked without question. it shouldn't even be possible to trademark it. It should be available for everyone to use. MS, like Apple, tries to trademark all the good stuff.

The music in this video is very "dance-able"!

And I'm not a very big fan of "Put People First". Not very innovative.
The previous one as an example, was very creative and catchy:

"It's Time For a Phone to Saves us from our Phone"

I think Windows Phones can do without any slogan. I like it but may sound like cliche "bank" slogan for some people

M_Lyons10 said,
I like it. It focuses on one of the strengths of the OS where it excells...

Agreed, it's something I wish a certain fruit company would do instead of slating the competition either directly or indirectly.

neo158 said,

Agreed, it's something I wish a certain fruit company would do instead of slating the competition either directly or indirectly.

just call them apple..