Microsoft UK offering free Touch or Type Cover with Surface RT purchase

Microsoft UK are currently offering people who buy a new Surface RT tablet through "participating retailers" a free Touch Cover or Type Cover with their purchase. The offer is valid on all Surface RT purchases made between 15 May 2013 and 30 June 2013, and is only valid for residents of the United Kingdom, where the 32 GB Surface RT currently retails for £399.00 without a Touch Cover.

A quick browse of the Microsoft Store reveals that the offer is available for all four Surface RT SKUs, meaning you can purchase one of the SKUs that already come with a Touch Cover (such as the 64 GB + Touch Cover SKU) and add another Touch Cover or a Type Cover at no extra cost. Also valid for the promotion are the three limited edition Touch Covers, which normally retail at the same price as a Type Cover.

If you haven't already purchased a Surface RT then this promotion that includes a free Touch or Type Cover definitely sweetens the deal - head over to the Microsoft Store now to make your purchase. Also, don't forget that the Surface Pro will soon be available in the UK, with Microsoft stating it should be available before the end of May.

Thanks for the tip, Olly!

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Ha..Ha.. How do you spot a failed product ?

When you have to start offering huge discounts on your product within 6 month of launch and start throwing things as free which you had handsomely charged before. I will wait till RT starts selling for $99 but even then I will pass. On the side note, this move is clear sign of getting rid of unused inventory and record some revenue on their books.

You're annoyed a product you bought 6 months ago is now offered with a discount/special offer. You must be pi$$ed at how much you can get an original xbox for these days.

foaf said,
You're annoyed a product you bought 6 months ago is now offered with a discount/special offer. You must be pi$$ed at how much you can get an original xbox for these days.

Nope not really, it's obvious products will decrease in price over time. It's the fact that they can afford to give away the keyboards free now, but why not from the beginning

I see what you mean. But I suspect the reason is not because they can afford to give it away, but more that the product is not selling in the volume they require to make a profit. This offer probably makes a loss of £50 per touch/typecover manufacturing cost, but if the volume of sales increases, then that will make a better impact on overall profit whilst not actually reducing the RRP of the Surface RT.

A little more expensive that I would have thought, converting to £ it is about £830~ for the 128Gb model. US = £656 on conversion + 20% VAT = £787.20.

Cheaper to import one as there is not duty to pay on it, just VAT.
I was hoping for £799 for 128Gb

I am said Olly, glad to see my tip has been posted!

It's a shame the Pro isn't out already to take advantage of this deal too... I wonder if advertising for the RT free covers will go further than Microsoft's own site. It certainly deserves to.

This is certainly a step in the right direction but its a shame it wasn't like this from the start. I still think that really they need to be about half the price to sell in any volume. I bought a launch Surface RT and wasn't that impressed with it, sold it a few months ago and now just have my iPad mini and MacBook Air 11" for mobile computing.

Yes, they should have done this from the start, but now that I think about it, we were all really just beta testing this thing for MS, us early adopters. They have been massively improving the apps, and the firmware pretty much on a monthly basis to fix all the "glitches" in the platform. If they had started selling these well in the beginning there would have been a slight backlash on a lot of fronts. I think now that the platform is actually very stable, and usable, that now is the time to put it into gear on that front.

The thing that impresses me mostly about RT, and Win 8 in general, is the quality of the updates, and the frequency of the updates. Can you imagine if they updated WinPho as often, how cool would that be?

My reliability monitor on Surface when I first bought it was a disaster, and now, I have a hard time crashing it at all, and it is a lot faster also. Perfect device for me, but I finally cracked the screen. All my fault on that one. $300 to replace the entire unit, not bad. That Dell price drop to $300 and this news about the cover, is just the beginning of good things to come for this platform.