Microsoft updates Bing iOS app with new design and bug fixes

Apple launched iOS 7 over a month ago, but many major apps for the OS are still being updated to reflect its new flatter user interface. Today, Microsoft updated its Bing iOS app with a revamped and streamlined look that reflects the changes made to iOS 7.

The new 4.2 version of the Bing app also adds the recently introduced new logo for Microsoft's search service. Microsoft has also taken the time to put in some additional features, along with various improvements and bug fixes. There's support in the app for animated GIF images for the first time and it also allows users to clear their local search history. The app also has extended the amount of time a user can stay signed into their Microsoft Account, although specifics were not mentioned.

While Microsoft and Apple recently traded some choice words with each other on other matters, the two companies still have a partnership where Microsoft's Bing search engine has been set up as the default for Apple's Siri voice command service in iOS. It seems that partnership will likely continue as Apple has shown no interest in developing a search engine of its own, unlike its decision to make a mapping service to compete with Google's offering.

Source: iTunes via WinBeta | Image via Microsoft

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I don't like iOS 7 design at all, but they did a great job to keep consistency with the OS, more than Blackberry did with BBM

No. Bing is built into WP8 and it's updated every now and then. It's not like a standard app update though. A lot of the changes are server-side.

I wish there was a (official) Bing app for Android, specially one that change the wallpaper ala Bing Desktop. I don't use Bing but I love the daily backgrounds.

Dot Matrix said,
Holy yikes! Black and white icons?! 1980 called...

As opposed to Windows Phone's white on black toolbar and statusbar icons?

.Neo said,

As opposed to Windows Phone's white on black toolbar and statusbar icons?

I'm not sure if he's being sarcastic, if he's referring to the status bar icons, or the "bookmark" and "save image" icons in the right-side image.