Microsoft updates Skype for Xbox One, but there's still no Snap video mode while gaming

Microsoft launched the Xbox One console in November that included a way to download its own version of Skype. Today, the company announced that the first major update for the Skype Xbox One app is now available, with a number of improvements but lacking one long promised feature.

The Skype blog goes over the new features for the Xbox One app.  Microsoft says, "Improved chat is now synchronized and comes with push notifications, alerting you when a new message arrives, and providing a longer chat history – up to 1,000 messages, rather than just the past 7 days."

There's also a new tutorial feature in the Xbox One version, which helps first time Skype users with making chat and video calls. It also adds filters so that users can only see their contacts that happen to be online. New chat emoticons based on the upcoming movie "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" can now be used on the Xbox One Skype app. Finally, a number of unnamed bugs have been fixed.

Sadly, it appears that the once promised feature for the Skype app that would have allowed it to enter Snap mode on the right hand side to take a video call while still playing an Xbox One game in the main window has yet to be implemented. There's no word when, or even if, it will be included in an upcoming update.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Sorry, but if you're that inconsiderate to others that you can't pause a freaking game to give someone 100% of your attention during a call, you shouldn't have skype on your xbox in the first place.

I couldn't imagine having a 40 minute call with someone which should have taken 5 minutes only to find out a freaking game is more important to them and I had to repeat myself over and over because that person was too busy to focus their attention.

Rohdekill said,
How does what you're doing in anyway justify the disrespect you give to the person on the phone?
The flaw with your logic is that Skype isn't simply used for phone calls. With the Xbox, you can and a friend can play a game together in the "same room." They don't have to be constantly chatting, but they still get that visual connection. It's a neat way to interact.

The still missing snap in keyboard for the controller would be nice, would be even nicer to be able to dictate the chats, but that's going to be Cortana's big test. I'm amazed they couldn't code the snap feature after all this time. sigh.

Perhaps video calling in the current Skype app is just too resource intensive to manage snapping alongside a running game and maintaining decent frame rates for both? If that's the case not sure what they can do if the hardware itself can't keep up no matter how much they optimize the code.