Microsoft updates Xbox Video app for Windows 8

Microsoft updated its Mail, Calendar and People Windows 8 apps late on Monday night, and its Xbox Music app got a similar update earlier today with a number of new features and improvements. Now it looks like Microsoft has pushed out an update for the Windows 8 Xbox Video app as well.

The change notes, as posted on the app's Windows Store page, don't indicate much in the way of new features. The only major new addition is that closed captioning support has now been added for most of the movies and TV shows in the Xbox Music download library. The patch notes also stated there have been some other unnamed "performance enhancements and feature updates." If we get any more information about the changes, we will update this post.

That still leaves a number of Windows 8 apps from Microsoft that have yet to receive a monthly software update for March, including the Bing Maps, News, Finance, Travel, Wather and Sports apps. There's are apparently also plans to update the Reader, Camera, Photos, Xbox Live Games and SkyDrive apps. It's more than possible that Microsoft is staggering these app updates over the course of the next few days.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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I have used Windows 8 since launch but never really tried the media apps. If I link my videos folder to the Library in windows can I see poster art, movie info etc etc through this app like the bought ones? My movies have metadata in their tags. Thanks.

I wish they could add support for tagging ala J. River Media Center so I could have album art on my videos rather than an image from the movie or TV show.. Now I have a sex education series in my TV shows that displaying a nude no NAKED image. I don't want my 8 year old boy to see search stuff in the library. Also, why can't they make it possible to categorize according to my desktop folders - instead all the my movies and TV shows show up in the "Other" section..!!

Tested it.

1 Only sort by name a-z or by date added (not from the metadata year) needs by metadata Year, Genre etc
2 Searching for Alien shows it in my collection after the store.
3 After selecting the one in the store, Fantastic! The metadata synopsis year and genre ! That's what we need for the local files that are tagged.

I'm at work, so question for anyone who has it: Do movies purchased through the Xbox 360 version of Xbox Video finally show up in this app?

I've purchased five movies through the Xbox 360 app -- none are showing up for me, though their rights indicate that they should. A TV show I purchased, however, does.

All the movies I have bought on my Xbox show up for me. The only thing I dont see are episodes of Heroes and Star Trek TOS I purchased before they changed branding, cant remember exactly when but apart from that I see all my purchases.

Yeah, the changelog sometimes takes a while to update after the app appears in the Store, so it looks like maybe this post is based on the old one.

... And that's when the developers actually bother to update it themselves, too.

no updates for ages then all come at once.
I don't like that yes its good theirs updates but wish they were coming out all then time. Like a few updates a week.
This is too controlled more updates just smaller ones makes it better.

-adrian- said,
well - this is the question everyone is asking .. agile development or not .. whats better?

All the teams may be on a similar timeframe for their sprints if they are doing anything agile which is why their releases line up.

-adrian- said,
well - this is the question everyone is asking .. agile development or not .. whats better?

Its quality over buggy quantity. In the long run agile wins, waterfall can just end up being one big fire fight, with resources being wasted fixing rather than moving forward. Off course the feature addicts will complain no matter what. I'm glad that agile is being discussed here. The big deal was the converged kernal, they had a bit of a writers block with ce and the win95 gui on mobile

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