Microsoft wants apps, will give out 25K Lumia 800s to devs

It's one thing to say you love your developers, it's another to give them 25,000 Lumia 800s to help them create applications for your platform. Microsoft and Nokia have announced that they will be giving away, for free, 25,000 Lumia 800s to dedicated developers, according to Mary Jo Foley.

While it may seem like a generous offer, Microsoft knows it has to foster its application environment for the platform to succeed and there is no better way to do that than to remove a large barrier to entry, the upfront cost.

But will it work? While it remains to be seen if shoving free devices out to dedicated developers will get the results Microsoft desires, it can't hurt to try. However, one problem still remains. Developers want end users to sell their applications too but end users want a full list of applications to choose from. While the Windows Phone Marketplace does have a high number of apps, that does not relate to quality applications; this can be said about any of the app stores, though.

As Microsoft bankrolls its product into the marketplace, it does provide the consumer with more options at their favorite retail locations. We all know that competition breeds innovation and Microsoft just dished out 25,000 reasons to use its platform.

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As far as I know the program to build to quality apps and get a free 7.5 phone are still running also, however this may been Canadian only.

Not sure if this is Microsoft's indie developer program or it's publisher developer program.

If its the XNA create (indie) program then having a membership for $99 you get to make xbox and windows phone app development and push them to the store... and it seems you get a free WP7 handset too. Bonus.

Isn't this the same practice that Google used for Android? That worked out well
Good going MS, I hope you attract more devs

The idea is great overall, but I wonder how many of the "developers" getting these devices will actually build any useful apps.

A good investment. Just like with Windows 8 Dev Preview. MS not afraid to use money on something they belive in.