Microsoft's Silverlight Client for Facebook released

Scott Guthrie, VP of Microsoft's Developer Division, originally demonstrated a Silverlight client for Facebook during his PDC 2009 keynote late last year.

Today Microsoft has made the Silverlight Client available for Windows and Mac OS X users to install. The client requires Silverlight 4 and installs a simple link to the web version which loads in its own window. As is expected with Facebook clients, you can see a full time line from your feed, pictures, video and Facebook notifications. You're also able to drag and drop pictures to easily share with Facebook friends.

Microsoft has also added the ability to take pictures from your webcam. According to Microsoft's Tim Heuer "The Facebook client is meant to be a working demonstration/inspiration of what one could do with existing services and providing different views into an existing application framework." Microsoft officials also confirmed no source code would be made available initially for the application. The application is also similar to what Microsoft demonstrated in April last year, originally named "Silverface".

Microsoft also released a Windows 7 Facebook client named "Fishbowl" in November 2009.  Fishbowl also includes Windows 7 only features, including taskbar notifications, jump-lists and taskbar previews

Download: Silverlight Client for Facebook

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murkurie said,
Now where's my ZuneHD facebook app

zune's coming down tonight for 24 hours for maintenance. hopefully we get it tomorrow :)

Ok i installed Silverlight 4 dev beta for OS X, and then installed the FB app

How do i start it? it never told me where it installed the app to

(quote feature seems to be broken with your name)

Have you tried searching for "Silverlight 4 Beta Client"?

xiphi said,
(quote feature seems to be broken with your name)

Have you tried searching for "Silverlight 4 Beta Client"?

I already have Silverlight beta 4 installed, and the silverlight facebook app, but where did it install it to and how do i start it, when i got back to the installed page it says i already have it installed and to run it from my shortcut, but there is no shortcut

xiphi said,
Spotlight doesn't pull up anything related to Silverlight or facebook?

Silver Light yes but that is just the silverlight preferences pane and the Developer Configuration

Works really good for me. Its very snappy, and everything loads so quickly.
The absence of the chat is the only thing keeping me from using this app though.

Definitely a keeper if chat is incorporated in the near future :)

It takes me in a loop, tells me I need a newer version then tells me I have the latest..

Also it doesn't like Chrome..
Rather annoyed :/

Eddie ELZ said,
Too bad it's not available for download as the article states...

It is. Me and others have downloaded it and have it working on our systems. What problems are you having with downloading it?

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