Microsoft's Bing Rewards program update on the way

Microsoft has given people who use its Bing search service a way to gain rewards, both physical and digital, via its Bing Rewards program. This feature has been running for a little while now. This week, Microsoft sent an email to people who are signed up to use the service, alerting them of some changes and additions to the Bing Rewards program. It will also include a revamped web site for the Bing Reward Redemption Center.

The biggest change is that Microsoft will no longer offer any physical items as rewards. The Bing Rewards program will now concentrate purely on digital rewards that will be sent to members by email. That includes getting some digital gift cards from companies such as Groupon and Tango. Microsoft will continue to offer other digital rewards for using Bing as well including Microsoft points which can be used to download games and other items for the Xbox 360 console.

Other rewards will include Xbox Live Gold and Hulu Plus subscriptions, gift cards from retailers like Amazon, Chegg, and Cramster, Bing Rewards members can also choose to use their points as a way to donate money to various charitable organizations including groups like Kids in Need, Teach for America and Boys and Girls Clubs of America. There's no word yet on when these changes will begin.

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I can honestly say that this DE-incentivises me from using the Bing Bar and executing additional searches via Bing. This is a very, very poor marketing move and whomever authorized it within the walls at Bing should get fired.

I'm off to spend my points on good stuff while I still can... gift cards and charity is nice, but who wants Groupon or Hulu? Definitely not me. I'm going to get a magazine and give what's left to charity.

akav0id said,
A better update would have been that it was available outside of the U.S

This. A hundred times over.

It's so infuriating to look at all these features and have to come to terms with the fact that you can't avail any just because you don't live in the US.