Microsoft's BUILD 2013 registration is now open [Update - sold out - or not?]

Two weeks ago, Microsoft surprised us with the announcement that it would hold its 2013 BUILD developer conference June 26-28 in San Francisco, right in the heart of "enemy territory" where Apple, Google and other Silicon Valley-based companies call home. Microsoft will likely reveal a lot more about its plans to update Windows 8, which is looking like it will officially be called Windows 8.1.

Microsoft may also reveal the first details for the next major update for Windows Phone at BUILD 2013, along with panels and other events designed to help developers with other Microsoft products such as Internet Explorer, Windows Azure, Xbox 360 and more. It's also likely that Microsoft will give attendees some free hardware to take home (of course, attendance is not free), Microsoft gave out a Windows RT tablet and Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones to all the paid attendees last year.

As with the BUILD 2012 conference in October, the price for attending BUILD 2013 will be $1,595 for the first 500 people who register and $2,095 for everyone else. Registration for the event is happening right now at the website. However, it's likely that the conference will sell out very quickly, perhaps within minutes, so if you or your company want to attend you had better be ready to register right now.

Update: As expected, BUILD 2013 is now sold out, but you can still put your name on the official wait list in case some folks decide not to make it.

Update 2: looks like the site is taking registrations for the conference again after previously indicating it had sold out of tickets. We will keep an eye out if it sells out again.

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Seating Capacity of Exhibit Hall:
- Theater: 19408 persons
- Banquet: 11380 persons
- Classroom: 11960 persons

To be fair the total number of tickets this year is maybe double last's year (according to the conference center size), but it is still not sold out and it is day 2

Last year Steve Ballmer also promised that Build will be bigger this year.

Eventually it will get sold out, Microsoft has many employees and many partners, once the general public gets the tickets, I guess they can invite the rest on discount maybe? I guess we will never know.

Microsoft will most likely give hardware and services far more than the ticket price, but again, I use to be a Windows developer since 1993, I am still supporting legacy Windows apps, and I am developing new Business Apps for Chrome, and I was a BIG Microsoft fan before, I got disappointed and disappointed and .... over the many years.

I wonder how many like me are out there?

That is damn embarrassing: :-)

Early bird: $1,595.00 (Sold Out)
Full price: $2,095.00
Academic: $995.00 (limited availability)

Early bird = Sold out = Expected, but the normal tickets? no? wow, even the developers don't want to hear about Microsoft anymore

what? last year sold out in 1 hours? this year not? yeh, there will be all kind of excuses at Build for that

What about Academic? no? it is a few tickets only people! anyone?

yeh, Windows 8 was such a success! I thought I was out of data last year because I did not like Garbage 8, but it looks like I am very up to date

I had no problem getting in and getting the $500 discount. Used IE 10. Process was smooth as could be. Just wanted to throw in an opposing viewpoint from the ones above so people don't think everyone had issues.

I work in the financial industry, so it could have been a result of the mounds of corporate spyware that is running on our boxes. That throws monkey wrenches into all kinds of things.

first 500 slots GONE in less than 10 min. I got kicked out twice by errors. This was despite the face I was already logged in with the account I wanted to register with.

I've been waiting at the "Hotel" step for fifteen minutes. Apparently they weren't prepared for this much traffic. Argh.