Microsoft's IE Test Drive site celebrates 3rd birthday, 130 million page views

Microsoft's Internet Explorer team not only develops the IE web browser but also makes web demo sites that are designed to show off HTML5-based effects. Over the years, we have seen the IE Test Drive team post up browser versions of Minesweeper, get festive with a Penguin themed web benchmark and even bring some classic Atari games to HTML5-based web browsers.

Today, Microsoft's official IE blog announced that the IE Test Drive site has reached its third anniversary (the actual third birthday was observed on Saturday) and announced that since its launched, it has generated over 130 million page views.

Microsoft also put the spotlight on some other IE Test Drive demos that we have not reported on before, including Canvas Pinball, a simple pinball game that looks like it was drawn on a notebook but has an advanced physics engine. Another such demo is Chalkboard, which is designed to test the panning and scanning performance of web browsers.

If you want a truly "trippy" experience, then Microsoft also has the Psychedelic Browsing benchmark that can make some people a little dizzy if they watch it. If your web browser is fast enough, it can even unlock a second mode in the benchmark.

Source: IE blog | Image via Microsoft

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Happy birthday, the one and only test drive of a browser that's user friendly. And there are a lot of good test sites, they are not all just serious, but want to give the users some fun to. That's what I like the most on IE Test Drive. I can't wait what theye are going to do for IE11!

The Test site is pretty awesome. I'm ready to see some "real" everyday sites taking advantage of these technologies though.