Microsoft's January 29th event in Brazil is not about Surface

Microsoft has sent out invitations in Brazil for an event on January 29 and the tagline is a "release that will surprise you." While it initially seemed like Microsoft was going to pull back the curtain on Surface, Neowin has since learned that the event is not about the company's upcoming tablet.

With the Surface Pro out of the way, it re-opens what Microsoft has up its sleeve for this event. Seeing as Brazil currently does not have any Windows Phone 8 devices on sale at the moment, it's possible that the announcement could be related to those devices. If you have any guesses, let us know in the comments below. With January 29th being only a few weeks away, we won't have to wait very long to figure out what Microsoft is keeping secret. 

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mantragora said,
Surface phone !

Or they are buying Brazil !

That when docked on a surface phone keyboard will allow you to run a full windows 8 RT desktop via hdmi out on the dock?

Luis Mazza said,

It's more likely to buy the United States right now.

I was about to say that. Brazil is one of the largest holders of USA bonds in the world. Of course Brazil has its own debts but it pales in comparison. Not to mention it is has a growing economy. Microsoft is smart to focus on the Brazil market.

Simon- Reply Edit 21 hours ago
It would be strange to launch a brand new product outside the USA, I think that it would be more likely to be some carrier exclusive WP8 devices.