Microsoft's Lumia 530 goes on sale in India, pre-orders open in Europe

Last month, Microsoft announced the most affordable Nokia Windows Phone ever, the new entry-level Lumia 530. Since then, the company has been drumming up interest in the 530 with a series of videos showing off what the device can do

The new handset went on sale in its first market, Vietnam, earlier this month, and has now made its way to more parts of the world. As WPCentral reports, the Lumia 530 Dual SIM is now available to buy in India - on Flipkart, it can be purchased for 8,199 INR (€100 EUR / $134 USD), but over on Snapdeal, it's available for 10% less, priced at just 7349 INR (€90 / $120)

As WMPowerUser notes, the device is making its way to Europe too, as Amazon Italy is now accepting pre-orders for the low-cost handset, priced at €99.99 EUR for the single-SIM version. 

The Lumia 530 features a 4-inch LCD with FWVGA (854x480px) resolution, along with a quad-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 200 chipset and 512MB, 4GB of storage and a 5MP rear camera. 

Source: WPCentral / WMPowerUser | image via Microsoft

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I had the iphone 4s and it had 512 mb ram. Even on ios 7 it worked great. Then I moved onto Android with 512mb ram. The difference is huge. Everything that worked fined on the iphone lagged on Android.
I could keep 5-6 tabs open on safari and switch to other apps and it would still work fine. But on Android, it's unusable, chrome lags like crazy.

I never tried window phone but if it works as great like the iphone 4s. I think 512mb is more than enough. Except for games.

512 MB of RAM is less. However, considering the target audience of this phone is first time smart phone buyers who are just starting with a smart phone and don't know much about it, 512 MB in WP is more than enough.

For many such users the primary function of a phone is music, local apps like Zomato, IRCTC and Cleartrip and Whatsapp/Facebook. They hardly use anything else and for them this is a fine phone.

Their only other option is to get an Android phone which lags like a snail on 512 MB phone. Moto E is a good option due to 1 GB RAM but then it has only 4 GB HDD and apps cannot be moved to SD card. In WP, if you have a Class 10 SD card then it is as fast as internal storage when running apps and you can install full apps to internal storage.

d5aqoëp said,
512 MB RAM?? Insta-No-Buy !!

As an owner of a 512MB Windows Phone (Lumia 625), I can tell you it performs close to premium phones with 1 or 2 GB. I've owned both the Lumia 920 and 1020 so I have a frame of reference.

Sure there's slightly more load time, but some of that is CPU difference as well.

Besides, the phone is affordable in the markets where it is launched.