Microsoft's OneNote app arrives for iPad

Microsoft continues to expand its support for applications that will run on Apple's iOS devices. This week, the company released a new iOS version of its OneNote application. In addition to new features for the iPhone version, this new OneNote iOS app has now been fully optimized to use the large screen of both the iPad and the iPad 2.

The new 1.3 version of the iOS app also has a number of additional new features including a new tabbed user interface, table rendering an option to sync notebooks over a Wi-Fi connection and more. The new version also has new support for more languages and global markets along with improvements with signing into Windows Live.

While OneNote is free to download, the 1.3 version does have a limit of 500 new or previously created notes. If you are a power user and want more than 500 notes, you can sign up to get unlimited access to the app. iPhone users can get unlimited use of OneNote for $4.99. The new iPad version is a bit pricer; tablet users will have to pay $14.99 to get full unlimited access to OneNote.

OneNote is technically part of the Microsoft Office family of software but there are rumors that Microsoft is working on bring all of the Microsoft Office software products over to the iPhone and iPad at some point.

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Happy_Camel said,
Obligatory...Android version please?
I don't know if they will release it for Android, given how Google is not making any apps of their services at all for Windows Phone.

They should make it if you ask me, they can profit from Android users as well.

I'm sticking with 1.2 if this is the case. I can live without table rendering as I only use the app for jotting down quick notes.

Well, if you don't have any tablet of your own, better provide software for the other guy who sell tablet like crazy....

Good move Microsoft, making money where money can be made.

Rohdekill said,
stylus / handwriting recognition ability?

I don't much care for styluses, and I definitely don't use one on my iPad, but I would like some handwriting & finger love, for diagrams and such, but no, not in this release. Maybe next time?

I've been using the iPhone app on my iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and this was one of the big things that came up in a focus group I was part of earlier this year. Glad to finally get my hands on this one, but I still wish that they'd give it handwriting and a better system for creating new notes. As it is now I still have to get on my PC later and fix things up on SkyDrive. I'm sure they'll get around to it eventually, but this will do for now. Glad to see it, but don't stop improving!

neufuse said,
Why does MS always make their programs look better on other OS's ugh..

It doesn't look too different from any other iPad app. It has a pretty minimalist design.

neufuse said,
Why does MS always make their programs look better on other OS's ugh..

Windows wouldn't be Windows without an inconsistent and messy interface.