Microsoft's "Time Machine" site offers trip to Hawaii

Last week, Microsoft posted up a teaser website that asked what would you do if you had some more free time. Now that site has officially revealed itself as a giveaway contest promoting Windows Phone and the launch of the Nokia Lumia 900. The grand prize will be a trip for four people to Hawaii.

In addition, there will be 200,000 more instant prizes that will be given away. The contest's official rules give the details of these prizes, which include 50 $250 gift codes for Best Buy (more than enough to pay for a new Lumia 900 on a two-year contract), 100 $150 gift codes to, 1,000 $50 gift codes for Omaha Steaks, 2,500 $30 gift codes for the movie ticket website, 7,500 $5 gift codes and 190,000 gift codes for 160 Microsoft Points.

Once you enter your email address and mailing address you then play a small game where you match tiles on the virtual Nokia Lumia 900. Once that's done you are informed if you win. When we entered the contest, we won 160 Microsoft Points!

Today, there will also be special live events at locations in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco related to the Windows Phone promotion. WPCentral reports that reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian will be at one of the two New York City events (the Bryant Park location).

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SirEvan said,
free song download? I loose

That's one of the instant prizes. I think we have to wait for the drawing for the grand prize.

i won a song, yeah for jme lol

Congratulations! You've won a free song download, thanks to Windows Phone awarded as 160 Microsoft Points. Find tunes you love on Bing search and go from hearing to playing in seconds with Zune marketplace Windows Phone makes everyday faster.

n_K said,

What was the song?

I just got the prize email and it was code for 160 MS points. The email says, "You've won a free song download, thanks to Windows Phone, awarded as 160 Microsoft Points."

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