Microsoft's Xbox TV leader hints Halo TV series will have interactive features

As part of its Xbox One reveal in May, Microsoft announced it was developing a live action Halo television series with Steven Spielberg as one of its executive producers. Microsoft has been quiet about the TV show since that first reveal but this week Nancy Tellem, president of Xbox Entertainment Studios, gave a couple of more hints about the Halo TV show and Microsoft's plans for developing original TV series in general.

CNN Money reports that Tellem, while speaking at the Brainstorm Tech conference, said that the show would have some kind of interactive elements, stating, "Unlike developing a show and adding interactivity after the fact, we are going to start from the beginning." Unfortunately, details on how that interactivity will manifest itself were not revealed.

Tellem also said that beyond the Halo TV series, the Xbox Entertainment Studios team have a number of other shows in development. She said that the company was "close" to revealing some of their other TV series. She hinted that the company is considering many different types of shows, from news to reality shows to live events. In April, rumors hint the Internet that Microsoft was in early discussions to launch a possible revival of the cult hit "Heroes" TV series.

Source: CNN Money | Image via Microsoft

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Tellem Nancy! ;-p

I just couldn't resist

I pointed this Interactive part in the PDF document that I posted here on the forums.
Many people just thought it was simply a TV Show and didn't understand the interactive part of it. It's going to be more social (if you desire) and also more interactive with Smart Glass and possibly Kinect.

Uhm, thank you captain obvious.

If MS want to redefine television, interactivity is a given.
The fact they will do it with their first original programming as proof of concept to the industry should have been a no-brainer.

I think that this is going to revolutionize TV. Imagine if you are the winner of a contest that week and your GamerTag or even your Avatar ends up in the Halo TV show. That would be completely awesome. You would be immortalized forever as part of the show. I could even see other types of TV interaction such as game show interactivity for Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, or the Price is Right, where you get to play along and even compete. News shows could ask the audience questions and get immediate feed back or even poll for questions to ask the guest who is being interviewed. What about choosing challenges for live contest shows or just picking what they would do for next week's episode. There are a ton of possibilities. If MS partners with the cable and satellite companies to sell the XBox One subsidized for say $99 - $199 down on a two year contract, it could literally change TV let alone outsell the PS4 by 3-1 or more. Its going to be a very interesting year.