Microsoft's Yammer adds new language translator feature

Microsoft's Yammer division recently announced that the business oriented social networking service now has a total of seven million users. This week, the company announced that those subscribers can check out an new feature that should help them communicate with others.

Microsoft's press release announced that Yammer's messaging feature now allows for instant translation of those texts into other languages. The new service uses Microsoft Translator as its basis and currently supports 39 different languages.

The press release adds:

Whenever a Yammer conversation includes a language different from the user’s default language setting, a translate button will appear below the initial post. Clicking translate will instantly convert the entire conversation, including related responses, into the user’s default language. Clicking “show original text” will revert the conversation back to the initial language(s).

Microsoft believes this new feature will allow Yammer to expand its reach into other countries. At the moment, 65 percent of Yammer users are in the United States. Microsoft previously said that the number of its paid Yammer users went up 165 percent in 2012 but specific sales numbers were not disclosed. Microsoft also plans to add more features such as SkyDrive Pro and editing files from inside Yammer's feeds in the near future.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Felipeus said,
Another feature copied from google. They never give up.

Google invented translation now? Facebook has had this same feature, powered by Bing, for a long time now. Al MS did was add it into their own software.

I can't help but notice how much that looks like Facebook.
And also how much that "Translate" link looks shopped.

Ummm.. Do I have out country different language friend in my social network ????

I dont...

May be now I might make few friends if this feature gets popular and some Russian or Chinese random user will send me friend request as for me, I dont think I would ever need to send friend request to some unknown person of some unknown country..

Useless feature for me at-least, better to concentrate to add them into business apps where people will need to connect in their respective MNC with different offices or different part of the world..

Huh? Yammer _is_ a business app. It's very common for businesses to be located in multiple companies and require people to converse from multiple places on a single topic. Fantastic feature