MiniBin is the free recycle bin for your Microsoft Windows system tray area; the area next to the clock in your taskbar. With the help of MiniBin you will be able to empty the recycle bin without the need to minimize any windows, saving a few clicks. But Minibin may also come handy when you are hiding the recycle bin from your desktop or if you are using a replacement shell that provides a system tray but no systray-friendly and customizable recycle bin.

Whatever reason you have to use Minibin, it will spare you some additional clicks while providing everything you need in a place where you have easy access to. And to make MiniBin fit your system perfectly, it supports modifications like using your own icons, translating it to your own language, configuring resource usage and more.

To create a portable version of MiniBin, run the setup and uncheck "Full System Integration (autostart, uninstaller)" when asked which components to install. This will simply extract the files you need to the directory you choose. Yes, it's that simple!

Download: MiniBin | 90.3 KB (Freeware)
Link: Home Page

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Sure you can place the Recycle Bin on the Taskbar but try and make it show full. It will always show empty. At least MiniBin shows full and empty.

DARKFiB3R said,
erm.... The icon does update for empty and full states, and you can drag files to it, no problem.
Who said you can't?

Sorry, did I misunderstand? I thought you were siding with streetw0lf, and adding your own negative aspect, regarding the use of the taskbar/shortcut method. Stating that you can do something with one app, implies that you cant with the other, right?

My reply was to you both.

Well... at least it's freeware. Still totally ****ing pointless though.

Just create a shortcut to the recycle bin on your taskbar. Job done.

Can't believe this **** is on version 6+

I think its not so pracitcal - placing icon in notification aera while Trash is in most scenarios about 3-6 cm away? They should add option for placing/pinning similar icon to taskbar - which would be more interesting.