Miro Public Preview 2 (0.9.9)

Miro formerly 'Democracy Player' is an Internet video player that allows you to choose from a variety of channels, subscribe to video feeds and view them with the integrated player. It can automatically download videos from RSS-based "channels", manage them and play them. It is based on XULRunner, and is free and open source software. Miro is supported on Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux, and integrates an RSS aggregator, a BitTorrent client, and VLC media player or Xine Media Player under GNU/Linux.

New features in Miro Public Preview 2 (0.9.9)

* We have just released a major update to Miro– Public Preview 2 (0.9.9). This version has a ton of bug fixes and a few nice new features. Most notably, we've added menus for OPML import and export (our most requested feature! . Also, Miro will now return to the last place you visited in the Miro Guide when you switch away and back. Everyone should upgrade.

- OPML import and export allows lists of channels to be shared.
- The Windows Options panel has been reorganized into pretty tabs.
- Miro will return to the last place visited in the Miro Guide when you click away and return.
- If you add an alternate channel guide, Miro will display the name and icon for that site.
- Single file downloads are now supported.
- Mefeedia, Yahoo! and Yahoo! Video are added as search engines.
- Veoh has been temporarily removed due to compatibility problems.
- Translations have been updated.
- Added an automatic error reporting feature.
- Fixed the resume download failures of Search items.
- Fixed the Miro Guide load failures.
- Fixed the duplicated videos.
- A 'Remove Channel' link has been added to the settings panel below the channel url.

Download: Miro Public Preview 2 0.9.9
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
View: Demo Video
Link: Home Page

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Except Joost has way better content (which is subjective of course) and usually much better quality.

Democracy (I HATE Miro, sorry) just downloads video from the web that any player or program can get. Joost has content deals and thus has content Miro and others can't get access to (legally lol)

Plus, the application feels bloated and loads so slowly usually

LOC said,
Plus, the application feels bloated and loads so slowly usually :|

Gotta agree with you there, I'd use this if it was fast and lightweight, having a single place to get your content is nice but I'd rather use iTunes podcast subscriptions over this, its just too slow.