Miyamoto confirms new Zelda game, 2010 earliest

Earlier this week fans were disappointed when Nintendo didn't announce a new Legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo Wii. Speaking after the presentation Miyamoto, game designer and producer at Nintendo, confirmed at the company's roundtable event there would be a new Zelda game by 2010 earliest. News via Joystiq.

"We hope to bring it to you next year but it may take a little longer. To be honest, at E3 we wanted to announce a new Zelda game for Wii."

Instead the news was regulated to the developed event where Miyamoto also revealed that the title could possibly be a motion plus exclusive game.

There was no other details revealed, however the gaming giant did release some concept art for the game which is strikingly similar to the already released Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Rumours are already circulating the fan groups that in fact the young child looking character is the living incarnation of the Master Sword, Link's ultimate magic sword used to defeat Ganon in Zelda games.

Earlier this year Nintendo already announced a new Zelda title at GDC which will be launching on DS this coming holiday, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. The game follows the same cell-shaded art style previously featured in Phantom Hourglass and Wind Waker. Details are still sketchy but the Tokyo Game Show should be very interesting for Zelda fans where details are sure to be announced for both games.

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yes link is right handed but only because it would be wierd to swing the wiimote in ur right hand and have him swing w/ his left

I'm going to have to agree with the incarnation theory... the fact that Link's not holding his sword, and the striking resemblences (color, gem, even shape), kind of make me think she and the Master Sword are somehow related.

Okay, so the article states that people see the girl as an "incarnation of the Master Sword"... I'm wondering how they thought of that.
Am I the *only* person who thinks the girl resembles the Fairy Queen you rescue in the GameCubes Four Swords Adventure?? Or the Fairy Queens in Windwaker for that matter? The hair itself is identical, also she's blue like the Fairy in FSA and she's got the "I have no irises or pupils" thing going on. http://www.zeldawiki.org/Fairy_Queen
Where did the incarnation thing come about? How did they think of that? I don't think it's even been mentioned in any Zelda game ever. I'm not knocking interpretations but someone's got a vivid imagination to think of that.

Link isn't holding a sword. And if you look at a picture of the Master Sword, many things match up, such as the purple "belt" she has (the hilt of the sword), the gold lines running up her midsection, the gem (though on the Master Sword, it's the Triforce in that position), and then her overall color.