Mobile phones proven to cause new skin disorder

The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) has issued an alert for Doctors to be aware of a new skin rash caused by long periods of mobile phone use.

In the warning the BAD links what is called "mobile phone dermatitis" to an allergic reaction of the phone's nickel surface. The rash typically occurs on the cheek or ear.

Doctors are being warned to be aware of the allergy, which is thought to be on the increase. Because the condition has only newly been identified, many cases may go unreported or untreated, which has prompted the scientists to share their findings.

Dr Lionel Bercovitch, of Brown University, Rhode Island, who was one of the study authors, said: "Nearly half of the phones we spot tested contained some free nickel.

"The menu buttons, decorative logos on the headsets and the metallic frames around the liquid crystal display (LCD) screens were the most common sites."

He added: "Given the widespread use of cell phones, the presence of metal in the exterior casing of these phones and the high prevalence of nickel sensitisation in the population, it is not surprising that cell phones can cause allergic contact dermatitis."

Women have a higher risk of developing mobile phone dermatitis, as they are more likely to have been previously sensitised to the metal following an allergic reaction to nickel jewellery.

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It must be forbitten to call this a scientific find.
Thats ridiculous.
theyarecomingforyou already mentioned it, furthermore, this is by far not a mobile phone specific problem, ESPECIALLY since most mobiles' cases are plastic.

Those BAD-a**es! :laugh:

Glassed Silver:win

It's as if no one's ever heard of the miraculous invention called HEADSET. Gee, I wonder why people who use headsets never have these kinds of problems?

Uhm, Im usually all for knowing the risks of using mobilephones too much... but this is unrelated! nickel is a known cause for allergies, people who know they have allergy to nickel need to take measures protecting them...

That is all.

Exactly! So what's with the stupid new name? "mobile phone dermatitis" Translated = "mobile phone skin inflammation" wow, what an original name.
Guess some people will do anything to get in the news.

Thats just...BAD haha;)

But I have acually seen a persons reaction to a nickle plated phone, looked really bad.

But in the manual,most phone have listed what they are made of:p so no excuse:p

"In a study published earlier this year, doctors in the US tested for nickel in 22 popular handsets from eight different manufacturers, and found it present in ten of them." from the In the warning link paragraph 2.