Modern Warfare 3 PC to have dedicated servers

In 2009, a number of PC gamers were livid when developer Infinity Ward announced that the PC port of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 would not support dedicated servers. Instead the multiplayer support for the game was handled by Infinity Ward itself and didn't allow for PC gamers to set up their own servers for their friends and clans. At the time Infinity Ward said that they were concerned about piracy and cheating. However, the developer, which suffered through the firing of its two co-founders and an exodus of a number of its team members in 2010, has had a change of heart for its next game, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

The confirmation of PC dedicated services came via a chat with Noah Heller, who works for Beachhead Studios, to Eurogamer at Gamescom this week. Beachhead is working on Call of Duty Elite, the upcoming social networking service that will launch alongside Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on November 8. Heller adds, " ... we're working really hard right now on the customized version of Elite for the PC [versions of Call of Duty games], because it's an open platform and has some challenges."

In related news, the PC version Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is now available for pre-order on Valve's Steam PC game download service. The two previous games in the series, Modern Warfare 2 and 2010's Call of Duty Black Ops (developed by Treyarch) have both been huge best sellers for the Steam service.

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Actually, it's possible to have own dedicated servers for Modern Warfare 2 using alterIWnet but I guess it's gona be a bit easier for Modern Warfare 3 then

Thank god this has dedi servers! This means i shall be moving my clan to this game (as well as battlefield 3 obviously), so everyone should be happy

bring back 64 player multiplayer and you have my $60 again. Couldn't touch mw2 or black ops with a 1 mile pole with that bs 16 player multiplayer.

macrosslover said,
bring back 64 player multiplayer and you have my $60 again. Couldn't touch mw2 or black ops with a 1 mile pole with that bs 16 player multiplayer.

Has CoD ever had 64 player multiplayer?

Yay, just what I needed to return to the series. Forget about making the game any good.
Dedicated servers for the win!

lol dedicated servers or do they mean "partnered servers with closed managed code" big difference... this bs about what is/was known as "dedicated servers" ended a long time ago along with modding and community freedom.

n_K said,
Too little too late?

I'm just gonna go ahead and point out that some people might actually like the smaller maps and lower amount of players... For them it will be great, they get new maps and weapons.

Personally I've been waiting for a proper BF with 64 player multiplayer for quite a while now so that's what I'll be spending my money and time on...

Aw, well ain't that nice. Nothing to do with BF3 coming out as well is it? Pity the rest of the game won't be much different.